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Call into Mystic Radio Wed at noon/call in phone #s available

Call in phone numbers are 1-888-298-5569 and locally in Seattle 1-425-373-5527. Give us a call! Then you too can write us a testimonial that we post on this home page! Let's all celebrate Wellness!


First let me thank you for the clearing that you did today on your show.
Such a great power you have and much gratitude for sharing it with the universe.

I get so much just from listening to you and your healing session with others as you are so right it is a group consciousness process.

Second, I bless you Robin with a complete healing of mind, body, and soul. Let this virus be for the good so that you elevate your channeling powers and bring bigger blessings, channels, gifts, and meaningful messages to all that you reach.

BOB: I would love the links to the articles you mentioned on the show, about the symptoms of ascension etc.

You guys are so wonderful and vibrant to listen to. Thank you!!



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Robin Alexis on the Stamie & Tracey SHOW!

Enjoy! I love to help women get pregnant with pure energies for themselves and their babies. That is why I am referred to as the Metaphysical Mother! Listen as Rena lets me help her at pre-conception! I will let you know when I hear she is pregnant!


Robin Alexis

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Hi Robin it's Tracy from

Hi Robin it's Tracy from Medford. I just wanted to say a big Thank you for your help on the last few radio shows. I have been following your directions and know they are helping. The violet flame is vivid in my mind and I enjoy your insights. I look forward to when I can get a reading from you. You are an amazing lady. Thanks again.


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Who is Robin Alexis?

Robin Alexis

Robin Alexis is a Radio and TV personality with incredible metaphysical talent. After having three near death experiences, Robin has honed her craft as a psychic, channel, and medium for people and animals that have transitioned to the other side. She specializes as a post abortion blues consultant and a Metaphysical Mother assisting women to conceive very advanced souls returning into human form. She is a medium, clairvoyant, intuitive healer, and spiritual teacher who can help you manage your own energy, and help you get clarity about the choices you have to make in Life. She channels Angels, Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, and Gurus, and communicates with members of the Inter-galactic and Inter-dimensional communities on your behalf. Listen and call in for FREE readings on her radio show, “Mystic Radio® with Robin Alexis”, which airs live on Wednesdays at noon pacific time in the U.S. Check www.RobinAlexis.com for details, as she and her husband Bob Bordonaro assist you in becoming aware of life issues and give you the tools to cope with them. For a PRIVATE SESSION call 530-859-2499 in the U.S.


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Robin, A week ago we did an


A week ago we did an hour session together. You did a wonderful job of telling me what was wrong and what was going on with me. Thank you very much for that. Each day I get a little better and a little stronger. I will be so glad when this whole healing process is done. I am more calm about things and have a better understanding about my life. I told you that I contacted a nurse who does over the phone consultation and she does muscle testing to see what is wrong with a person. Her name is Mary Jane Mack and she is in Issaquah, Washington. Her business is Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Center and the telephone number is 425-395-0659. E-mail is info@maryjanemack.com. You said she was the right person for me to see and that she is doing a good job at diagnosing me. So I thought I would give you her information in case you meet anyone else who might need some medical care like the kind that Mary Jane Mack does.

Thank you again for the lovely session we had together. Namaste


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Maureen- The Emotion Code?

Maureen, "The Emotion Code" by Dr. Brad Nelson teaches how to muscle-test by using your body as a pendulum. It's amazing to be able to ask Spirit 'yes/no' questions and sway forward for yes, and backwards for no.
Good luck to you! -Wendy

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Bob and I use the Emotion

Bob and I use the Emotion Code regularly.


Enjoy! Get yourself a fun magnet to use with it!

Robin Alexis

Emotion Code

I actuallyt struggle with muscle testing - and particular body sway -

My body will sway toward a brownie every time and convince me it's good for me!

I find I can also "direct" my pendulum to answer the way I WANT it to answer - rather than giving
me a true answer from spirit.

On the one hand - this gives me confidence that I am able to direct energy.

On the other hand - it doesn't really give me good answers when I ask for them........



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Pam - Body Sway Muscle Testing

Did you set your body sway to be a 'find brownie dowser' by accident,Pam?
Mine would be 100% accurate for chocolate, too! :-)

How did you train your body pendulum - did you use the words "love" and "hate" (or dislike if hate too intense) like Dr. Nelson describes?

Do you ground and get with your Guides first before asking a question, and then just let 'er rip and TRUST your results.
Are you coming to neutral and motionless before you start?

Occasionally I don't move front or back.
Typically because I asked an unclear compound question that can't be answered 'yes/no'.
More rare there is not enough energy yet amassed for an answer to exist in the field.

Does that help? Let's talk by phone or in person if not if you wish to pursue, as so much more efficient than text.

Final thought - do you not NEED this technique because you are so tuned in or clairaudient or just KNOW your guidance from Spirit you don't need to muscle-test?

I hear Spirit during meditation and at other unpredictable times, but can only meditate certain times/ places, and can almost always body-sway somewhere discreetly.

Asked during my most recent QHHT hypno session how accurate my body sway was. The reply from my Higher Self was fabulous! "It's 99% accurate. We have worked on this with you at a profound level. Why do you not TRUST and act on your guidance and set yourself free?"

A few months later I called Mystic and asked for a healing around TRUST. What happened since then has been astonishing as I also found my self-acceptance, my safety, and so many other things.

Love you - Wendy XOXO

Body Muscle Testing Results

Pam, Wendy, C.I., Robin, Maureen and All,

When I do the body muscle testing, I simply talk to my body, my Higher Self and my I Am Presence, letting them all know that I trust and love them and ask for their guidance with my "yes" and "no" questions to help my body.

I do it a lot with the vitamins and nutritional foods I should take each day.

I Am amazed that I typically get "yes" for a one-a-day supplement and Vitamin D, but some days my body doesn't want Calcium or Vitamin C or Magnesium.

I just got a "yes" on Crystallized Ginger and a green smoothie, but a "no" on an ice cream bar. :)

Many Blessings, Love and Light,


Yum thank you for reminding

Yum thank you for reminding me I have icecream in my fridge :)))) And considering I'm having a smoothie almost daily, I'm allowed to eat it :)))
And I turn on the lights on my lil plastic Christmas tree (that stays on long after Christmas ) such that I'll have the playful joy angels were talking about <3

I used some sort of tarot

I used some sort of tarot cards for 10 years and they are ALWAYS 100% accurate ... The thing is, some horrible nightmares started when I was using them - same as when I did those free readings few months ago ... So I need to figure out how to handle those first and why they are happening ...

But they do develop/awake your skills - the "knowing" :) ... Later in life I found out that my grandma used card divination too but refused to teach her daughters because she said is not good :) Apparently the mother of my grandma - her name was Ana, like jesus grandma - knew a lot of things about charms, incantations and white witchcraft but refused to teach my grandma saying is better not to know :)

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Stepping into Life Purpose & Mission

Dear Robin -

Thank you for your incredible work during our private session last evening!

You rebirthed me on Mystic as Mary Magdalen last April.
While it was very powerful and an immense privilege, it wasn't safe for this rose to drop her thorns at that time.

The Time is Now - the Time Returns to bring Heaven to Earth, with great love and peace in our hearts.

It is time to save our species, and Mother Earth herself.

It is time to move into a peaceful, powerful, balanced relationship with all on Earth, as well as with our galactic families.

The Time is Now for the Divine Feminine to be restored in perfect harmony with the Divine Masculine.
Neither are above nor better than the other, simply different.
Perfect complementary partners.

When I walked into my home last night right after our session, I smelled fragrant roses everywhere, yet there were none "physically" in or around our home?

The Time is Now for this Mary Magdalen and other representatives of the Divine Feminine to step into our life purpose, hand-in-hand with the Divine Masculine.

I call you forth NOW, including my new life partner.

Thank you, Robin, for the great courage and vision it took to step forward as Sar'h-Tamar, and for creating the Soul Spa to honor our beloved Mary Magdalen, as well as the myriad of other ways you serve.

Bless you, Bob, for holding safe space around Robin, and for loving and supporting her in this huge life purpose and mission.

You are my "Spiritual Super-Heroes"! I love you both.


Much love and light - Mary Magdalen XOXOXO

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Dear Robin, Thank you for

Dear Robin,

Thank you for taking my call,
and my cat Rocco Romeo really thanks you also.
He meowed to come inside when you started talking
about him, and sat nearby with a big smile on his face.
I am sure Mike also thanks you.

Animals are so precious.

It had never occurred to me that my car wanted a name,
but as you were talking about that sensitive car... I asked
my car if it wanted a name... YES... lol
So then, do you want a female name... YES... lol
Before I even got the 2nd question out, I heard Jennifer,
so I asked if you wanted to be called Jennifer. YES... lol

My 98 year old friend Claire has always called her cars Betsy,
but it had never occurred to me that my car wanted a name.

yes... thank you for helping the planet.
And thank you Bob also. :)

blessings to you both,

Becky F

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Thank you Jodi

I learned a lot about myself this week, why and who I am the way I am, my struggles, my joys, looking ahead and in present! It was breathe taking, surprising, difficult, brave, and amazing! Some would welcome others... would not understand! For me that is irrelevant! For me, I received a blessing. Thank you Robin Alexis! You certainly helped me fill in the blanks! Can't wait until we talk again.

Jodi Marshall Gallant

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Robin, thank you immensely

Robin, thank you immensely for the incredible healing you did for me on Mystic, with the grid replacement! I understand to focus on the resurrection energy and pink ray, vs. crucifixion energy.

My question is I've really been working too hard to write my book(s)? They are life purpose, to heal me and then others, to provide a much-needed 2nd income, and I thought - past tense - necessary to send the 1st book for editing, before meeting my new soul mate. So does that mean one needs to sometimes 'pace' healing, and a NEW source of income will arrive? I know Fortunata is with me now, and I'm very loved and supported, but still having trouble trusting in my consistent financial abundance due to the money curse you removed in May and some past-life fear around lack of food, shelter and love. I've worked to heal that past-life and about 35 others this past year, so thank you for the huge healing BOOST!

Received the green light to call in my new soul mate. I did so last nite. This morning I met an Angel (disguised as an elevator repair man), and I felt time stand still! He had a hand-held device to work with the elevators, and it felt like he energetically connected me to the 3rd floor (where my new guy works) and him up to me, on the 5th floor. Time stood still, while this energy alignment occured - the elevator did not move. Nothing was wrong, and the other unrelated passenger was not alarmed. WOW!!! Wish I'd caught his name if indeed it was on his uniform. Probably "Michael" (Archangel Michael) as this is his matchmatching? I sent him my thanks as soon as I was in my office a minute later, and processed what had happened. A pretty huge morning, all by 7:10 am!


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The time is now.Robin Alexis

The time is now. Let's hear about Wendy's and Laurie's publications!

Robin Alexis

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First Review up on Amazon!

I look forward to reading the book myself this weekend, and to posting a review.

Received great news today we retain the rights to our own stories, and can use them in our own future work/ publications!

Yah. Eros/Cupid very happy. I can use my short story that went in the "Best of" publication back in my own book, where it was originally. :-)

Free Kindle format download available thru Sun eve 1/11 on Amazon:


Thank you for your reviews!

-Wendy & Laurie

P.S. The odds of the two of us being winners in the same national (international?) writing contest are astronomical. Spirit had this one locked! Very grateful.

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Wendy Congrats to you and


Congrats to you and Laurie for being published in this volume. Very impressive!


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Many thanks, Greg

So appreciate your wonderful support, and from all in the Soul Spa!

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Let's share this great news here!!!

Yes! Let's keep this information about your books here in the public blog! This link is in the private forum and I am sure many beyond the Soul Spa will want to read this book!


Robin Alexis

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Wow, Robin & Bob-What a

Wow, Robin & Bob-What a fabulous Mystic yesterday! First caller so happy with the help she received for her 'frozen shoulder' we've been working on.

I received several surrogate healings, including from Queen Victoria. Sacred marriages cannot occur until you have peace in your heart, and a sacred marriage within your own Divine Feminine and Masculine first. That was a beautiful healing for broken hearts, with a calling in of the cosmic heart from the 9th dimension.

Learning to TRUST reminder for a caller changing jobs, whether it's regarding our careers, health or relationships etc., such a powerful healing.

Loved the gratitude message - highest vibration! Be there, and more comes to you. (Law of Attraction)

And the final fun message to enjoy our Kundalini energy! Be in our bodies, be in our power. And for heaven's sake, ladies, go buy some new lingerie! Something for both women and men to be THANKFUL for, ha ha.

I'm thankful Darcy referred me to Robin, Bob and the wonderful Soul Spa community, and that a soul mate introduced me to Darcy. It's all a big beautiful spider web of connections...

Much love - Gwen

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Hi, Robin, Bob, and all

Hi, Robin, Bob, and all callers on Wed 12/4 - another fabulous experience. It's not a 'show'.

Robin, can't find your comment Wed afternoon you posted to Laurie Regan, our Intuitive Artist friend who just completed her second book, due in large part to a soul retreival you helped her with on Mystic recently.

Laurie wrote "Lizzy", a 123 pg novella in record time - 4 weeks? She wanted you to know she'll make sure to get an autographed copy to you as soon as the hard copies are available. Laurie feels the book will help many who have ever been slaves, or been abused etc. as our energy can get 'stuck' there, hold us back and cause pain we no longer need. Let's release it and move up!

I had the honor of reading the first draft as Laurie wrote it. It was CLEARLY coming from Spirit very purely and beautifully - 'God bumps' were a permanent state as I read "Lizzy". No editing was allowed nor necessary, other than a few items that weren't perfectly clear, or simple desktop publishing type editing - no concept editing was needed, nor appropriate. The cover is amazing. Laurie created it herself - her art and writing are both growing by leaps and bounds!

As Bob said on Mystic Wed, Robin, it is a wondorous thing you are able to help people open up their creative gifts, as those really are what make us unique, aren't they? And they ARE gifts from God for us to share, with love.

Laurie draws from Spirit constantly - Coral Polge, the artist she channels drew over 100,000 past life sketches in her life! Lauire invites anyone in the Soul Spa to please view her Facebook page at "DrawingsbyLaurie" to see if there are sketches waiting for you. It may be you in a past life, or a loved one, or a Guide, for example. If the drawing comes directly from Spirit, as most of them do, she does not charge for them other than to cover shipping costs. You can also hire her to connect w/ your Guides, and see what drawing is for your best and highest good. If you don't Facebook, you can email her at laurie@drawingsbylaurie.com for her website info, Seattle area psychic fair schedule and more.

Laurie is an incredible person and resource. She most recently drew Archangel Gabriel for me, as AA Gabriel is now with me when I write, and she also did the energy wash painting I use as my photo on the Soul Spa. --Gwen

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Wow, thank you Robin, Bob,

Wow, thank you Robin, Bob, Spirit and each and every caller today.

I was blessed with going deeper into my rebirthing that occured on Mystic last Wed as a result of today's calls.

I yelled YEEHAW for April (and myself) when that horrible ET programming was cleared from her throat that negatively impacts a very blessed relationship with your beloved, having dealt with it myself for over 35 years.

We are FREE.

I received so many surrogate healings today, and vital information, too.
I feel like one of those newborn lambs or colts cavorting around the pasture where they are so joyful they kick up all 4 feet at the same time, and click their little hooves in the air.

Sharing my joy, gratitude, peace and love - W XOXO

Profound Graditude

So very Thankful for Robin and Bob and Mystic Radio
I did Rain Dance many Native Ancestors and Divine
Light Beings came to Assist! I still feel the
Love of the Healing we All Recieved! Yeaaa Nana

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A Listener made an audio you tube of his radio reading!

Now this is cool!


Robin Alexis

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Super Cool, Robin!

This is really cool! I like that he's willing to share. Did he link you website? I need to get on there and check it out!!


Robin's picture

I will have to check that

I will have to check that out!

Robin Alexis

he was very excited about

he was very excited about your reading, he shared many praises for you on his facebook page :)

Robin's picture

Thank you for the

Thank you for the bliss!

Robin Alexis

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Mystic Radio® with Robin Alexis LIVE from Mt. Shasta

Mystic Radio® with Robin Alexis LIVE from Mt. Shasta airs in Seattle

CALL 1-888-298-5569 @ 12:00 Noon Pacific WED or listen locally on line @ http://1150kknw.com/listen

“Mystic Radio® with Robin Alexis” is a LIVE from Mount Shasta weekly metaphysical call-in program co-hosted by Robin and her husband Bob that airs on KKNW in Seattle WA. Since 2006 Robin & Bob have welcomed listeners & callers from all over the world. In their practical mysticism approach they will serve you with any kind of metaphysical question or concern. Call in for your on air readings with Robin. Bob’s Wake Up Calls will inform you about outrageous consumer & political issues you need to be aware of. Engaging & informative Robin & Bob help you manage your life making life choices from a place of partnership between your intellect and your intuition.

Call in for your FREE LIVE ON AIR READING! Join the Mystic Radio® Family and tell your family & friends about us! If it is Wednesday it is Mystic Radio® with Robin Alexis at 3:00 PM Eastern Time and 12:00 Noon Pacific Time. Listen and Call-in Wednesdays 3:00 PM Eastern Time and Noon Pacific Time for your FREE ON-AIR READINGS. “Mystic Radio® with Robin Alexis” http://1150kknw.com/listen at 12:00 Noon Pacific / 3:00 PM Eastern time every Wednesday

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Wow! What a show! I really

Wow! What a show! I really enjoyed the show today! I'm so glad I called in and listened! Yippee!

Thank you Robin!

Love Love Love

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Mystic Today/ Abundance Energy!

Today's show was quite different, but as always, I heard EXACTLY what I needed to hear for my soul's journey.
Thank you, Robin and Bob for the duet - "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!"

I have questioned myself why I feel strongly guided to have a session with an amazing healer like Robin, Dr. Nels, a hypnotherapy or channeling session, a weekend workshop with Whispering Dragon etc. when cash flow has been so - uhhh - interesting. Even 'Do I really have $20 bucks a week to take a Feldenkrais class and a yoga class, or $24 for a monthly medical massage co-pay?' HECK YES, I do!

Robin hit the nail on the head today for me as she so often does, "Pay for your wellness, or pay for your sickness." That's profound. I'm going to pay for my wellness - it's part of the Heaven on Earth plan. :-)

I am committed to being the best possible ME, and am deeply, deeply grateful for the amazing resources I've found since my first past life regression in 2011.

Since I moved into my self-acceptance and self-love this past Sunday and Monday and cleared the money curse as well as the trackers ability to trifle with me again, the energy around abundance is remarkably different. I've never felt this hope before. Monday I received a prelim match for TWO student host homestays in Nov-Dec and Feb that would bring in a little cash, and make some visiting international students super happy. I've been listed with that agency for 6-7 years and nothing previously? Tuesday my 16 year old daughter, who lost her nanny job after only a month as she couldn't work enough hours got 1, and perhaps TWO pet/ house sit jobs.

Today I found a big handful of coins on the ground outside in the rain, and Spirit told me to pick it up as it is very blessed. Later in the day I recd a call from the bank offering me $500 if I would help them track down my former husband or his Jaguar. That felt quite icky and unethical on every level (wish I'd recorded the call)and I said NO, and to remove me from their call list, which I requested before. I will take down a name and send a complaint letter to them if they call again.

The point is something is VERY different, now that I am taking care of me first! Yah. Thank you all for your help on my journey.

Much love and light to all. -- Wendy

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If you re-listen to archive it will sound different

Eric, the board operator at KKNW, encouraged Bob and I to re-cut the beginning of the show so we did. The station evidently was having some issues but Eric fixed them. Eric is awesome. Actually, most of the board operators at KKNW are amazing. We are blessed to have them and KKNW and everything!

Love & Light,

Robin Alexis

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Dr. Nels will be on Martha Norwalk's Animal World Show this Sun

Animal World with Martha Norwalk this Sunday has Dr. Nels as guest!

Call-in numbers:

(425) 373-5527 or

Sunday, October 19, 9 a.m. to noon:

It's a B.E.S.T. Sunday with Dr. Nels Rasmussen in the studio. Dr. Nels will be doing free remote rebalancing treatments for you and/or your animal friends, so if you or your animals have emotional, behavioral, or healing issues, call us for one of his special sessions.


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Dr Nels & Martha Norwalk

When our cat Rumi was sick this weekend we called Dr. Nels. He responded immediately to help us


We called Martha Norwalk too. She helped us by teaching us how to get a cat that does not want to take his medicine to take his medicine! What does a pet owner do without Martha Norwalk and Dr. Nels???


When you have pets you need to have these websites and numbers near in case of emergency or for any reason!

Robin ALexis

My Son

Hi Robin,
My son passed last month, I wondered if you could tell me how he's doing.

Robin's picture

I am so sorry to hear this

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My heart goes out to you. I have been in New Hampshire for 3 weeks and am just seeing your post.

I feel that his soul is troubled. Are you comfortable letting me know if the circumstances of his passing were anticipated in some way?

Robin Alexis

My Son

He was sick for almost 10 months, at first we thought he had walking pneumonia but it wouldn't clear up, after months of tests and lung scopes they thought he had a very rare autoimmune disease. He died suddenly at home alone when he started to bleed excessively and his heart stopped after paramedics got his heart restarted too much time had passed and he had no brain function so we had to take him off of life support. An autopsy was done and they found out he had a very rare type of cancer called EHE. So he death was sudden, but after we found out it was EHE we then knew that he wouldn't have lived much more then 1-2 months longer.

Robin's picture

I am so sorry for all of you.

I am so sorry for all of you. And this does explain why I see his soul is not content. Now that I have these details I will go into meditation before the live Mystic Radio show today and see if I can help him cross peacefully.

"Love to you Dear Mother" I hear him say,

Robin Alexis

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The Over Lords of the Temple

The Over Lords of the Temple of the Golden Healer Lemurian Crystals have escorted your son into the Temple for healing. He has been placed on a Golden Healer Lemurian Crystal bed. This is absorbing, transmutng and purging all frequencies that are not his. When He is stable there he will then be escorted to the great Jade Temple of Healing. His body elemental will be healed there.

From there he is going to the Temple of the Yellow Ray. This is the place of illumination and peace.

From there he will go into a training program or school designed to help him. This will be in the 48th dimension. There, he will also be consulting the Karmic Review Board. From there I see him going back to God and becoming Light once again. After that his journey is not shown to me.

I am told he is a very special soul. I am also being told that you knew that. This is the reason why you went so far out of your way to serve him. You knew of his unique qualities and did everything you could for him. You are being told to know that you did not fail him.

Divine Flame of Illumination,
Bless my world today.
Golden Waves of Peace,
Bless my world in God's perfect way.
Flame of Light so wondrous to behold,
I AM thy Wisdom in all that I AM.
Golden Fountain of Illumination,
Infuse every part of my being with thy Golden Oil,
I AM, I AM, I AM Illumination blazing
through my heart, mind and soul!!!

Blessed is your son's soul as he journeys home to God,

Robin Alexis

Robin's picture

Now I see him all the time

Now I see him all the time smiling!

He sends his love to you!

Robin Alexis

To Clear Psychic Attacks at Workplace

Hello dear Robin Alexis

Interesting interference happened when I tried to call. There was a static charge struck,
I wanted to call abt the unsettling energies at my workplace. I feel a stagnant point of pressure on my back on the lower right side slightly above my waist.
I am grateful for your guidance.

Om Mani Padme Hum
Om Mani Padme Hum
Om Mani Padme Hum


Robin's picture

I will play the crystal sound

I will play the crystal sound bowl for you.

Robin Alexis


Dear Robin

Thank you for helping me. How can I clear the energies which are not of the highest vibrations?

Have a wonderful day.

Om Mani Padme Hum
Om Mani Padme Hum
Om Mani Padme Hum


In Gratitude

Robin's picture

There pages and pages of

There pages and pages of clearing techniques in this forum:


Scroll through them until you find the one that speaks to you to use faithfully to keep your work place and more clear and resonating with the Highest and Holiest Frequencies.

Thank you for doing this,

Robin Alexis

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Do you need a medical intuitive?

Robin's picture

Learn to know, trust and act upon your own Knowing

"Individual discernment is very important in every self evaluation decision.
You will impress no one if you decide to take a particular path,
and you will disappoint no one if you do not.
This is a decision based in the spiritual discernment
of knowing where you are in your own path at this time."

~ Kryon, through Lee Carroll

Bob's picture



Write the number 8 on a piece of paper and keep in your wallet. I put 3 8s on one side of the paper and 3 on the other side.

"This week I will experience a Miracle having to do with money"


• Rule 1 When the Money Miracle happens, recognize and acknowledge it and be grateful to Source, God, Goddess, etc.

• Rule 2 The MM Statement is NOT to be repeated hourly or daily, except in the case of doubt or fear, and after Rule #1 -- after you have received and acknowledged a Money Miracle. This statement is NOT an affirmation that is to be repeated constantly! Say it, and let it go to work! If, however, you find that something disturbing occurs to bring in doubt that this will work, or if a fear about money arises, then firmly repeat the statement, and again let it go. Also, as soon as you have acknowledged a Money Miracle, repeat the statement this way,“And this week I will
experience ANOTHER Miracle having to do with money!”

• Rule 3 Keep the integrity of the Statement by not changing it in any way.

• Purpose and meaning of the statements

• “THIS WEEK”: These words accomplish two purposes; the first is to create a known framework of time in which the Miracle will occur. Without these words the time is too vague, encouraging doubts to arise. The second purpose is to fool the inner “judge” who has no faith in abundance. This “judge” is of the ego and encourages our fears around money. However this “judge” tends to be lazy, upon hearing “this week,” it sets a strategy to send out its doubt and fear messages three or four days after the statement is made. In actuality the Money Miracle will occur much sooner, thus getting around the tactics of the “ego-judge.”

• “I WILL”: This is NOT a future tense verb. It is an expression of personal will phrased in such a way as to again fool the ego. If there is one word in this statement that is to be emphasized it is this one!

• “EXPERIENCE”: When one receives and then sees the Miracle there is a real
“aha!” reaction in the body. • “A MIRACLE”: It is critical to have no expectation of the source or the amount of the Money Miracle. Do not think, “Now I will get a raise.” Or “Now I will win the lottery.” A penny on the floor can be as much a Miracle having to do with money, as an unexpected refund from the IRS for $850! Acknowledge the penny (which appears
primarily to let you know that the technique does work, and you need not be in fear)and then repeat the statement again.

• “HAVING TO DO WITH MONEY”: It is easy to see a Money Miracle when it
involves actual currency, but if it does not directly involve cash, check or money order, this is also a money miracle. ( gifts, taken to lunch, etc.)