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A Listener made an audio you tube of his radio reading!

Now this is cool!


Robin Alexis

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Super Cool, Robin!

This is really cool! I like that he's willing to share. Did he link you website? I need to get on there and check it out!!


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I will have to check that

I will have to check that out!

Robin Alexis

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he was very excited about

he was very excited about your reading, he shared many praises for you on his facebook page :)

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Thank you for the

Thank you for the bliss!

Robin Alexis

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Mystic Radio® with Robin Alexis LIVE from Mt. Shasta

Mystic Radio® with Robin Alexis LIVE from Mt. Shasta airs in Seattle

CALL 1-888-298-5569 @ 12:00 Noon Pacific WED or listen locally on line @ http://1150kknw.com/listen

“Mystic Radio® with Robin Alexis” is a LIVE from Mount Shasta weekly metaphysical call-in program co-hosted by Robin and her husband Bob that airs on KKNW in Seattle WA. Since 2006 Robin & Bob have welcomed listeners & callers from all over the world. In their practical mysticism approach they will serve you with any kind of metaphysical question or concern. Call in for your on air readings with Robin. Bob’s Wake Up Calls will inform you about outrageous consumer & political issues you need to be aware of. Engaging & informative Robin & Bob help you manage your life making life choices from a place of partnership between your intellect and your intuition.

Call in for your FREE LIVE ON AIR READING! Join the Mystic Radio® Family and tell your family & friends about us! If it is Wednesday it is Mystic Radio® with Robin Alexis at 3:00 PM Eastern Time and 12:00 Noon Pacific Time. Listen and Call-in Wednesdays 3:00 PM Eastern Time and Noon Pacific Time for your FREE ON-AIR READINGS. “Mystic Radio® with Robin Alexis” http://1150kknw.com/listen at 12:00 Noon Pacific / 3:00 PM Eastern time every Wednesday

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Wow! What a show! I really

Wow! What a show! I really enjoyed the show today! I'm so glad I called in and listened! Yippee!

Thank you Robin!

Love Love Love

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Mystic Today/ Abundance Energy!

Today's show was quite different, but as always, I heard EXACTLY what I needed to hear for my soul's journey.
Thank you, Robin and Bob for the duet - "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!"

I have questioned myself why I feel strongly guided to have a session with an amazing healer like Robin, Dr. Nels, a hypnotherapy or channeling session, a weekend workshop with Whispering Dragon etc. when cash flow has been so - uhhh - interesting. Even 'Do I really have $20 bucks a week to take a Feldenkrais class and a yoga class, or $24 for a monthly medical massage co-pay?' HECK YES, I do!

Robin hit the nail on the head today for me as she so often does, "Pay for your wellness, or pay for your sickness." That's profound. I'm going to pay for my wellness - it's part of the Heaven on Earth plan. :-)

I am committed to being the best possible ME, and am deeply, deeply grateful for the amazing resources I've found since my first past life regression in 2011.

Since I moved into my self-acceptance and self-love this past Sunday and Monday and cleared the money curse as well as the trackers ability to trifle with me again, the energy around abundance is remarkably different. I've never felt this hope before. Monday I received a prelim match for TWO student host homestays in Nov-Dec and Feb that would bring in a little cash, and make some visiting international students super happy. I've been listed with that agency for 6-7 years and nothing previously? Tuesday my 16 year old daughter, who lost her nanny job after only a month as she couldn't work enough hours got 1, and perhaps TWO pet/ house sit jobs.

Today I found a big handful of coins on the ground outside in the rain, and Spirit told me to pick it up as it is very blessed. Later in the day I recd a call from the bank offering me $500 if I would help them track down my former husband or his Jaguar. That felt quite icky and unethical on every level (wish I'd recorded the call)and I said NO, and to remove me from their call list, which I requested before. I will take down a name and send a complaint letter to them if they call again.

The point is something is VERY different, now that I am taking care of me first! Yah. Thank you all for your help on my journey.

Much love and light to all. -- Wendy

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If you re-listen to archive it will sound different

Eric, the board operator at KKNW, encouraged Bob and I to re-cut the beginning of the show so we did. The station evidently was having some issues but Eric fixed them. Eric is awesome. Actually, most of the board operators at KKNW are amazing. We are blessed to have them and KKNW and everything!

Love & Light,

Robin Alexis

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Dr. Nels will be on Martha Norwalk's Animal World Show this Sun

Animal World with Martha Norwalk this Sunday has Dr. Nels as guest!

Call-in numbers:

(425) 373-5527 or

Sunday, October 19, 9 a.m. to noon:

It's a B.E.S.T. Sunday with Dr. Nels Rasmussen in the studio. Dr. Nels will be doing free remote rebalancing treatments for you and/or your animal friends, so if you or your animals have emotional, behavioral, or healing issues, call us for one of his special sessions.


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Dr Nels & Martha Norwalk

When our cat Rumi was sick this weekend we called Dr. Nels. He responded immediately to help us


We called Martha Norwalk too. She helped us by teaching us how to get a cat that does not want to take his medicine to take his medicine! What does a pet owner do without Martha Norwalk and Dr. Nels???


When you have pets you need to have these websites and numbers near in case of emergency or for any reason!

Robin ALexis

My Son

Hi Robin,
My son passed last month, I wondered if you could tell me how he's doing.

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I am so sorry to hear this

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My heart goes out to you. I have been in New Hampshire for 3 weeks and am just seeing your post.

I feel that his soul is troubled. Are you comfortable letting me know if the circumstances of his passing were anticipated in some way?

Robin Alexis

My Son

He was sick for almost 10 months, at first we thought he had walking pneumonia but it wouldn't clear up, after months of tests and lung scopes they thought he had a very rare autoimmune disease. He died suddenly at home alone when he started to bleed excessively and his heart stopped after paramedics got his heart restarted too much time had passed and he had no brain function so we had to take him off of life support. An autopsy was done and they found out he had a very rare type of cancer called EHE. So he death was sudden, but after we found out it was EHE we then knew that he wouldn't have lived much more then 1-2 months longer.

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I am so sorry for all of you.

I am so sorry for all of you. And this does explain why I see his soul is not content. Now that I have these details I will go into meditation before the live Mystic Radio show today and see if I can help him cross peacefully.

"Love to you Dear Mother" I hear him say,

Robin Alexis

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The Over Lords of the Temple

The Over Lords of the Temple of the Golden Healer Lemurian Crystals have escorted your son into the Temple for healing. He has been placed on a Golden Healer Lemurian Crystal bed. This is absorbing, transmutng and purging all frequencies that are not his. When He is stable there he will then be escorted to the great Jade Temple of Healing. His body elemental will be healed there.

From there he is going to the Temple of the Yellow Ray. This is the place of illumination and peace.

From there he will go into a training program or school designed to help him. This will be in the 48th dimension. There, he will also be consulting the Karmic Review Board. From there I see him going back to God and becoming Light once again. After that his journey is not shown to me.

I am told he is a very special soul. I am also being told that you knew that. This is the reason why you went so far out of your way to serve him. You knew of his unique qualities and did everything you could for him. You are being told to know that you did not fail him.

Divine Flame of Illumination,
Bless my world today.
Golden Waves of Peace,
Bless my world in God's perfect way.
Flame of Light so wondrous to behold,
I AM thy Wisdom in all that I AM.
Golden Fountain of Illumination,
Infuse every part of my being with thy Golden Oil,
I AM, I AM, I AM Illumination blazing
through my heart, mind and soul!!!

Blessed is your son's soul as he journeys home to God,

Robin Alexis

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Now I see him all the time

Now I see him all the time smiling!

He sends his love to you!

Robin Alexis

To Clear Psychic Attacks at Workplace

Hello dear Robin Alexis

Interesting interference happened when I tried to call. There was a static charge struck,
I wanted to call abt the unsettling energies at my workplace. I feel a stagnant point of pressure on my back on the lower right side slightly above my waist.
I am grateful for your guidance.

Om Mani Padme Hum
Om Mani Padme Hum
Om Mani Padme Hum


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I will play the crystal sound

I will play the crystal sound bowl for you.

Robin Alexis


Dear Robin

Thank you for helping me. How can I clear the energies which are not of the highest vibrations?

Have a wonderful day.

Om Mani Padme Hum
Om Mani Padme Hum
Om Mani Padme Hum


In Gratitude

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There pages and pages of

There pages and pages of clearing techniques in this forum:


Scroll through them until you find the one that speaks to you to use faithfully to keep your work place and more clear and resonating with the Highest and Holiest Frequencies.

Thank you for doing this,

Robin Alexis

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Do you need a medical intuitive?

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Learn to know, trust and act upon your own Knowing

"Individual discernment is very important in every self evaluation decision.
You will impress no one if you decide to take a particular path,
and you will disappoint no one if you do not.
This is a decision based in the spiritual discernment
of knowing where you are in your own path at this time."

~ Kryon, through Lee Carroll

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Write the number 8 on a piece of paper and keep in your wallet. I put 3 8s on one side of the paper and 3 on the other side.

"This week I will experience a Miracle having to do with money"


• Rule 1 When the Money Miracle happens, recognize and acknowledge it and be grateful to Source, God, Goddess, etc.

• Rule 2 The MM Statement is NOT to be repeated hourly or daily, except in the case of doubt or fear, and after Rule #1 -- after you have received and acknowledged a Money Miracle. This statement is NOT an affirmation that is to be repeated constantly! Say it, and let it go to work! If, however, you find that something disturbing occurs to bring in doubt that this will work, or if a fear about money arises, then firmly repeat the statement, and again let it go. Also, as soon as you have acknowledged a Money Miracle, repeat the statement this way,“And this week I will
experience ANOTHER Miracle having to do with money!”

• Rule 3 Keep the integrity of the Statement by not changing it in any way.

• Purpose and meaning of the statements

• “THIS WEEK”: These words accomplish two purposes; the first is to create a known framework of time in which the Miracle will occur. Without these words the time is too vague, encouraging doubts to arise. The second purpose is to fool the inner “judge” who has no faith in abundance. This “judge” is of the ego and encourages our fears around money. However this “judge” tends to be lazy, upon hearing “this week,” it sets a strategy to send out its doubt and fear messages three or four days after the statement is made. In actuality the Money Miracle will occur much sooner, thus getting around the tactics of the “ego-judge.”

• “I WILL”: This is NOT a future tense verb. It is an expression of personal will phrased in such a way as to again fool the ego. If there is one word in this statement that is to be emphasized it is this one!

• “EXPERIENCE”: When one receives and then sees the Miracle there is a real
“aha!” reaction in the body. • “A MIRACLE”: It is critical to have no expectation of the source or the amount of the Money Miracle. Do not think, “Now I will get a raise.” Or “Now I will win the lottery.” A penny on the floor can be as much a Miracle having to do with money, as an unexpected refund from the IRS for $850! Acknowledge the penny (which appears
primarily to let you know that the technique does work, and you need not be in fear)and then repeat the statement again.

• “HAVING TO DO WITH MONEY”: It is easy to see a Money Miracle when it
involves actual currency, but if it does not directly involve cash, check or money order, this is also a money miracle. ( gifts, taken to lunch, etc.)

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Know, Trust and Act Upon Your Own Knowing

"Do not believe anything because it is said by an authority, or if it is said to come from angels, or from Gods, or from an inspired source. Believe it only if you have explored it in your own heart and mind and body and found it to be true."

Guatama Buddha

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Agree Agree Agree Agree Agree Agree Agree Agree Agree

9 agree.

Grin Grin Grin

May all possibilities be open to you,

Cleansing for my son

Hi Robin,
I was wondering if you could do a cleansing for my son. He has been fighting "walking pneumonia" for a few months. He has gone through 3 rounds of antibotics but its still hanging in there.
Thank you,

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<3 love and light

<3 love and light

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Will do right now. Robin

Will do right now.

Robin Alexis

Probiotics are beneficial

Probiotics are beneficial micro organisms, including good bacteria. Probiotics help build the body up, give the body something to strengthen it.

It is helpful to take probiotics about two hours (or more) away from antibiotics to get the best benefit from each.

There is plenty of literature on the web talking about this, including Dr. Oz's site


Take care,


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People really like the Reiki Healing Page

Sometimes I leave your reiki healing page on all night.
I always feel a sense of calm and healing accompanying it.
I am increasingly receiving awarenesses that are helping lead and contribute to a calm and happy and blessed life.

Thank you for the divine energy you put forth here to be shared and received and returned.

PS: Here is the link the the Robin Alexis Reiki Healing Page;


Reiki Healing Page

Dear Robin

I must write to give you my vote of Yes on this Reiki Healing Page. I now often find myself in a different space. It is like removing the veil which separates me from my Higher Self. I bask in it. Thank you for your Big Heart to give it away with Love.

Om Mani Padme Hum
Om Mani Padme Hum
Om Mani Padme Hum


In Gratitude

Ps. I cannot open this page on my cell phone...I wish I could cos then I could play it in my workplace too.

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This means a lot. Thank

This means a lot. Thank you,

Robin Alexis

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And Mary writes about the Robin Alexis Reiki Healing Page

And Mary writes about the Robin Alexis Reiki Healing Page;

"I wasn't sure what to expect when I logged into the reike healing on line for hte first time last week but I was totally unprepared for the incredible vibration that came through the screen to me. I buzzed the entire time the screen was open and felt compelled to simply relax and absorb. In fact, the vibration lasted a good 20 minutes after I closed the page. It was a great reminder to me that the computer one more tool share and receive goodness.

Thank you, Robin."

PS: Here is the Robin Alexis Reiki Healing Page link;


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Hi Robin, I wanted to let you

Hi Robin,

I wanted to let you know my dog, Cohbi, survived fireworks on New Years Eve thanks to

your clearing of her past life with lighting striking her home and all the family members

and pets dying. I couldn't believe the difference. She was a little nervous but 90% improved!

It truly was awful to see her so terrified. She seemed to be trying to get out of her body in

an effort to escape.

I appreciate you and all you do for the world - both for people and animals.

Hi to Bob!

Much love to you,


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Thank you sooo much. You are a divine gift from GOD.

Much Love,

Devara ThunderBeat

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A few days ago Robin gave me

A few days ago Robin gave me a reading. She connected me with Cameron Joseph, Janee, my father law grandmother aunts uncle and grandfathers. What a BLESSING!!!! I am grateful for Robin. She is my ANGEL from heaven and he greatest of all things brought into my life to help me realize my dreams and to teach me and give me the tools to help myself make it all happen. Robin is LOVE. I wish I were more like Robin! I am SO lucky to be here in contact and to know all of u wonderful like minded people. If I could only disclose where I was before I found her you would not believe the transformation. It's a miracle. My life is a miracle. Thank u MOTHER FATHER GOD FOR ROBIN AND MY WONDERFUL SS FAMILY. I humbly bow before you and pray that u will continue to bless me with these likeminded people forever.

Robin helps me get to a place where things make sense. Robin has the ability to switch her vibrations to enable me to communicate with all that I wish within a moments notice during our vey complex conversations. She is blessed and gifted beyond belief. Thank u Robin for always giving me ur time and for being the answer to so many of my prayers during my journey. LOVE TO ROBIN - a miracle in my life!!


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Dear Robin- Our private

Dear Robin-

Our private session was profoundly moving, healing, and incredibly informative and practical as to my life purpose. Remembering who I AM, what I came here to do, and being able to fully appreciate my new beloved’s energy, amazing. Utterly life-changing, and very beautiful. Can't stop smiling! I deeply, deeply appreciate your deep insights and healing for myself, my family members, and my very special cat.

Great blessings for you, Robin, from the bottom of my heart!
With love, peace, and great gratitude to you and Bob. – Gwen (Seatle)

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free live on air reading on Mystic Radio with Robin Alexis helps

Robin, thank you immensely for the incredible healing you did for me on Mystic Radio with Robin Alexis, with the grid replacement! I understand to focus on the resurrection energy and pink ray, vs. crucifixion energy.

My question is I've really been working too hard to write my book(s)? They are life purpose, to heal me and then others, to provide a much-needed 2nd income, and I thought - past tense - necessary to send the 1st book for editing, before meeting my new soul mate. So does that mean one needs to sometimes 'pace' healing, and a NEW source of income will arrive? I know Fortunata is with me now, and I'm very loved and supported, but still having trouble trusting in my consistent financial abundance due to the money curse you removed in May and some past-life fear around lack of food, shelter and love. I've worked to heal that past-life and about 35 others this past year, so thank you for the huge healing BOOST!

Received the green light to call in my new soul mate. I did so last nite. This morning I met an Angel (disguised as an elevator repair man), and I felt time stand still! He had a hand-held device to work with the elevators, and it felt like he energetically connected me to the 3rd floor (where my new guy works) and him up to me, on the 5th floor. Time stood still, while this energy alignment occured - the elevator did not move. Nothing was wrong, and the other unrelated passenger was not alarmed. WOW!!! Wish I'd caught his name if indeed it was on his uniform. Probably "Michael" (Archangel Michael) as this is his matchmatching? I sent him my thanks as soon as I was in my office a minute later, and processed what had happened. A pretty huge morning, all by 7:10 am!


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I hope today's on air reading

I hope today's on air reading helped you to understand that it is the energy behind the decision not the decision itself that determines the outcome. You must do as the yogis say;

"A master bestows the divine experience of cosmic consciousness when his disciple, by meditation, has strengthened his mind to a degree where the vast vista would not overwhelm him."


"God first created the earth as an idea. Then He quickened it; energy atoms came into being. He coordinated the atoms into this solid sphere. All its molecules are held together by the will of God."

The Autobiography of a Yogi

So shall these teachings be with you, your books and your Divine Right Partnering.

Robin Alexis

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Energy Paramount

Yes, thanks for calling that out, Robin.
I need to read The Autobiography of a Yogi.
Sweet Dreams to all! --Gwen

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Robin, Thanks for the quotes.

Robin, Thanks for the quotes. I believe this is absolutely true.

Gwen, you are amazing!


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Readings with Robin Distilled Gold

Readings With Robin-- or 'Distilled Gold

I have to tell you about the heavenly fallout from a recent session with you. In the session I was honored to 'christen' my unborn child. When you prompted me to ask his name, he said "Joel". That night, my dog kept me awake nearly all night, barking. At 4am, my husband called me from California stating he'd been awake all night.

Apparently a spiritual being named Joel had come to him, christened him by touching his 3rd eye and gave him a blessing for healing others.

My husband bought a book earlier that evening, called "Daughter of Destiny", and felt an urge to read the last page after his spiritual blessing.

On the last page of the last chapter of this book, he found the words:

"And afterward,
I will pour out my Spirit on all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
your old men will dream dreams,
your young men will see visions.

Joel 2:28

Is this wonderful or what? Thank you again dear Sister, for all you do.



Robin - Referrals that get to the Source

Dear Robin,

Thank you for another wonderful referral. Every recommendation has been exactly what I needed. Dr. Nels and the BEST method was no exception. It's amazing how quickly Dr. Nels removes old messages and trauma in my body using light touch and muscle testing then re-frames this information with something more appropriate.

I was surprised to find pains in my body (of various degrees) that had been present for many years. A hip, back, neck, heart had "stress responses" such as trust, fatigue, death, etc. It's no wonder I suffered with energy fluctuations over the years. Everything I've tried has helped for a while. I'm now getting to the source and releasing it all easily and effortlessly. Dr. Nels also helped me determine if I needed certain supplements and dosages in minutes. This saved more doctor appointments, blood work, time and money. I am absolutely thrilled about this. My life has already improved and he takes insurance!

Please continue to keep Dr. Nels. in mind. The drive to Darrington is well worth it (or he can work remotely with you). Dr. Nels really can help where others haven't been able to... and he's such a caring and kind man!

Contact: http://www.drnels.com/co…



Thank You so Much

Dear Robin,
From the depths of my heart and soul I thank U again for Saving my Life!
Robin & Bob the compassion and unselfless love and care and Healing, Clearing
Understanding you have shared astonds me daily. I was attacked and raped they
came to my rescue everybody in 10 minutes put thier lives on hold to rescue me today
I am healed safe and laughing again wow wow wow! I in a million lifetimes will repay
my graditude to both of you! I am relaxing and feel I am being gentelly being healed
by loving hands I will rest now. Thank U Thank U Thank U!!! Nana

Luck and a lot of praying

Luck and a lot of praying brought me to Robin. I feel lucky I made it to her quickly once I began my search. I just wish I had begun my search much sooner. After my first reading suddenly my life and actions and thoughts began to make sense. It was like she put all of the pieces of the puzzle of my life together for me.
When I started in 2010 to visit the SS website a huge shift began to occur. And I was very shy at first I wouldnt post or read I'd only put the portals on. I don't know why I was so scared but after about 6 to 12 months I finally got the nerve to read the posts and start posting. Then I finally had a reading and have had several since. Being here, a part of this community , has CHanged my life!

If things are happening to u and u don't understand why, if strange unwanted people are constantly coming into ur life and wreaking havoc, if objects go flying out of ur hands for no reason, if every time u step forward something brings u 10 steps back, if u want to understand who u are and if u want to discover how u can be a Better u, please join Robin and the Soul Spa. It will change ur life!
Love u Robin!

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Readings Without Agendas

What I find refreshing about Robins's reading is that her purpose has been to truly assist me, without any hidden agenda, which seems to be very problematic in the healing/divination field. Although I have only a small amount of experience in looking for help in this area, so often it seems that a majority of seers are, in fact, just mostly looking to establish a hook to further deliver more "help". This, I know is a very critical and harsh view of the field, and I am not saying that everybody is part of this type of behavior, but that I am particularly wary of this.

I trust Robin because there has never been a doubt, for me, that she does what she does, to truly help the person she is working with. Her guidance and information does not require additional sessions. She will not set you up for future sessions within a reading. Her work is complete and trustworthy, and her personal touch is tender and sincere.

I have experienced that my best sessions come from letting spirit guide the subject of the session, rather than if I choose the area to be examined, however that is a personal preference, and I am confident in believing that if I were to request a specific area to be addressed, that Robin's gift would be certainly up to the task.

I will add that the sessions with her, tend to get better as we work together. My last session with her brought a significant increase in my confidence and ability to believe and discern in my own truth. I guess, in short, is what I am saying is that Robin's purpose in helping others is to empower them more than anything else.


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My Dearest Robin - I believe

My Dearest Robin - I believe my first session was with you in 2010? And have had several since then. With each session, I gained more insight into 'me', my unused abilities and past lives....my abilities! OMG I never believed I could have developed my telepathic ability to this level! I owe it all to you and our 'friend'! :)

The healing that we have done has also been incredible. Dealing with issues since childhood and teen years, healing that and moving on with forgiveness and gratitude. I think the most intense was the abortion I had when I was 18...and naming my baby. I highly recommend this exercise for any other woman that has had a similar experience. I feel so much better about him and the circumstances.

You are so incredible....I can feel your own caring through the reading. How you can do several in a day amazes me because of the energy that you must exert for each individual reading. However, I sense this is definitely your mission to share this astounding gift you have with everyone. And the vehicle will become clear.

I have recommended you to several friends and will continue to do so. I am so happy to have you in my life and be a part of the 'soul spa'. At times I feel closer to the members here than my own 'friends'. I look forward to continuing a long lasting relationship....the best is yet to come!

much love


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Dear Robin –I am immensely

Dear Robin –

I am immensely grateful for your incredible clearings and high-level, accurate information provided during my calls to you on “Mystic Radio”, and during my private sessions. WOW! You are simply an Earth Angel, as well as Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Ghost Whisperer,Past Lives Reader, ET expert, and more.

My private sessions were the best money I have EVER spent! The level of healings, clearings and insights you offer at no charge on Mystic Radio, Wednesdays at noon (Pacific Time) on 1150 am I believe is unparalleled in the world. I am forever grateful my broken-hearted ghost of 300+ years is Home, and my heart is healed. Understanding more about my karmic connections to a soul mate I've had many previous lives with was crucial for me to get 'unstuck', to prepare for my new happy dance relationship! Learning I'm aligned with my home and property was so helpful to know to stay in the home I love was vital. To be free of the money curse that took out my root chakra, ability to ground, and willingness to step into my power is huge!

Having ET implants removed from me and my kitty improved our lives immeasurably, as did learning what issues, both present and past life, were crippling my hips with pain. (A year ago I was progressing toward a wheelchair, and a month ago I hiked the 7-mile loop, 1,000 foot elevation gain to Ramona Falls, on Mt. Hood, in 4.5 hours! Yah.) Helping resolve my painful, spontaneous Kundalini opening and rebuilding my Central Nervous System when I was blessed with an increase in vibration to 5D so deeply appreciated.

Teaching me to discern my OWN energy, how to protect, ground and clear myself, and my environments, is critical for my soul’s journey as I choose which life forms and energy I will interact with –or NOT - as we awaken to our cosmic/ galactic families, roles, and soul contracts, Higher Self to Higher Self. THANK YOU immensely, Robin, on a final note, for helping resolve my writing blocks, as communicating about spirituality is now my life purpose. I could not be happier. Everything I've dreamed of is now within my reach.

Blessings for you and Bob! Much love and light to you, and your loved ones.