Re-Birth Yourself in 2014 with Metaphysical Mothering Chat Womb Technique

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In The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, PhD, he states that scientific research has proven that our cells change behavior according to our perceptual environment. Moment by moment, he says, we can give ourselves permission to perceive what makes us joyful. Research by Dr. Lipton and other scientists also states that we are like sponges from conception to the womb time and through the first six years of our lives. Infants pick up by observation and download information without any way to screen what is being programmed into their young minds. Unless we are mindful, we are automatically going to act upon the information stored in our brains and subconscious mind. We will spend our lives reacting rather than making a conscious effort to live as proactive beings.

I created a mental rebirthing technique called CHATWOMB. You can use this technique called CHATWOMB on a daily basis. Ask your Higher Self to imagine that you are conceiving of yourself in the NOW. Mentally reprogram yourself as a Sacred Being by chatting with yourself as if you are still in the womb. Each and every day take a moment and imagine that you are reprogramming the first 17 days of your life. These are the days when your nervous system is developing. Imagine that you are time traveling back to that most sacred time in the womb and tell your developing cells that they do have the nerve to BE the FULL CONSCIOUS PRESENCE that you were meant to be. Tell the developing nervous system that you are from the future. Tell your developing nervous system that they will become the temple for your SOUL. Tell them that just like a computer that needs to delete old programs and download new more productive ones, they, your nerves, need an upgrade. How can this be true?

I believe that the soul is our true Mother and a human body is simply the vehicle for the soul’s evolution and development. I believe that the soul creates a body because it knows it will learn from the senses and the mechanics of the subconscious mind as it encounters the circumstances in its limited human thought patterns. I believe that the true Father is the energy of Universal Law. Imagine what the world would be like if we let go of our human perceptions and practiced the technique CHATWOMB. Imagine consciously rebirthing yourself as a Soul mating with Universal Law to create your PRESENCE of peace and harmony!

Our Higher Selves create the perception of time so that our subconscious mind can send signals back to the soul. When the subconscious mind, the place where our senses receive and send messages back to the soul, shuts down, we become terrorists in one form or another. We become heartless, programmable people who are capable of doing and saying anything for someone else’s agenda. Like Bob Brown, one of the authors in my book RAISING HUMANITY says, “You can be a soldier for love instead.”

We can embrace the spiritual understanding that we must go within to hear our soul’s voice, or we will continue to heed outer authorities, both personally and collectively. Deep in our beings, we know that it is not healthy to support dysfunction on a personal or planetary level. Let’s re-establish our communication with that which we call God or Spirit and decide to take the intensely personal path of knowing our own knowing and having the biological courage to act upon it. Make CHATWOMB a daily practice. Remember, your body is the temple of your SOUL.

With your conscious intention, you can reweave the perception of your conception and gestation with the more advanced awareness of SELF that you have now. You will reprogram yourself with better subconscious programming – a form of protection that is far more important than a seat belt, bicycle helmet, or sunscreen. With the CHATWOMB technique you can choose to remember that you are not a victim of your biology or your environment. YOU, as a soul, chose to be born. As a soul you are a timeless, eternal BEING. You can have, “mind over matter.” You can conceive of yourself as REBORN.


Robin Alexis
The Metaphysical Mother .

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The Mat Meditation

Hello Robin and Bob

It was such a lovely show today; I had missed you both. I am interested in the meditation that you mentioned in the show; Mat. Please give more information as how to prepare for it.

Thank you.

Om Mani Padme Hum
Om Mani Padme Hum
Om Mani Padme Hum


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I am going to create a

I am going to create a recording of how to do this.

Robin Alexis

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According to Dr. Brown, we

According to Dr. Brown, we should work on the following:

1. Let go of what people think.
2. Let go of perfectionism.
3. Let go of numbing and powerlessness.
4. Let go of scarcity and fear of the dark.
5. Let go of the need for certainty.
6. Let go of comparison.
7. Let go of exhaustion as a status symbol and productivity as self-worth.
8. Let go of anxiety as a lifestyle.
9. Let go of self-doubt and “supposed to.”
10. Let go of being cool and “always in control.”

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hello Robin

how are you?

Robin, I am requesting a crystal bowl clearing for myself,,to help me align my chakras. Please ..

And a crystal bowl clearing for my son and family.

Thank you Robin.

I wish you Bob and family a lovely december....a wonderful holidays.



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After I send energy to

After I send energy to Serina I will focus a crystal sound bowl healing for/on you, your son and your family.

Robin Alexis

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Robin - I am sending YOU

Robin - I am sending YOU energy as well mystic sistah! A lot going on over next 3-4 weeks! Still dont have buffalo drum....having a mountain chickadee painted on it by local tribe member. I was wanting a buffalo! lol
lotsa hugs! You have no idea how I feel (well maybe lol) happy & joyful!!! woohoo