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Want more abundance?

Furious Females, Want more abundance? Wake-Up Call-12/17/14
Let” talk about ABUNDANCE today. Enjoy your good fortune and remember to share it, for the mark of the well-nourished self is the ability and willingness to nourish others.

To be honest with oneself is where all healing begins, for the seeds of the courage to heal can only grow in honest soil.

Seduced by dreams of more, better and different, we often take for granted the ordinary joys that make up the weave of our lives, the people we care about and those who care about us, honest work, a home-cooked meal, and the touch of a loved one's hand. So give thanks for simple pleasures, for they are among the places where earth and heaven meet.

When your heart is filled with gratitude, you will always
live life from a place of abundance. For then you can accept
any situation in which you find yourself, secure in the
knowledge that you possess the resources to handle whatever
life may bring, including pain, loss or sorrow.

Wishing nothing to be different than it is at this present moment is to invite abundance into your life.

There is an old wise proverb that counsels us to make a virtue
out of necessity. So take what comes, and find the best in it.
Remember to celebrate what is sweet in your life at this moment, never forgetting that even with slender means, the sentiments of the heart can be expressed.

At the worst of times it is still within our power to reach out,
to love, to show kindness, to share what is ours to share. Hard
times honor us by their presence, encouraging us to draw upon our strengths, reminding us of the wealth we call family and friends. The ability to take joy in each other when life is difficult is the true sign of abundance.

And what greater abundance is there than our relationship
with God/Spirit? When we learn to live in faith and trust, we abandon our need for control, struggle less and feel our fears subside.

As we allow ourselves to be supported and uplifted by Divine
Guidance, abundance takes the form of inner peace and the
desire to treat all life with respect and loving kindness.

Here is a little prayer to remember during this Holiday Season:

I give thanks and praise for the abundance of this moment!

And that’s Bob’s Wake-up call for today……………………

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Furious Consumers fight

Furious Consumers fight inequality by shopping wisely

How many times have we struggled to reconcile our feelings about the “season of giving” with the gross economic inequality we see all around us, or suffered a twinge of guilt after hearing the latest news report about families living on the edge while we go to the mall for a shopping spree?

The holiday season sometimes creates a conflict between our higher moral character and crass commercialism. And the glaring disparity between the inspirational message of the holidays and the financial hardships for many has been brought out of the shadows this year by the very public conversation around economic inequality.

San Francisco recently became the second city in the nation to eventually raise its minimum wage to $15 an hour, following Seattle. The Los Angeles Mayor has proposed a citywide minimum wage increase, and the Sacramento California mayor plans a task force to study one. Way to go Washington and California.

So how does the average consumer navigate this ethical minefield? A great place to start is by closing the gap between our values and our buying habits.

Consumers are projected to spend more than $600 billion this holiday season. That’s nearly 20 % of retail sales for the year. What if we used that enormous economic power to lift up those at the bottom, or those trying to keep a foothold in the middle class?
In the same way that consumers have created pressure for a wide array of green products and healthy foods, we can push corporate America toward practices that reward the hard work of its dedicated employees.

The formula is simple: Spend more money at businesses that provide good jobs, and less at those that offer poverty wages and paltry benefits.

This is no pipe dream. Polls show that 2 out of 3 Americans are unhappy with wealth and income distribution. Surveys also show that more than half of all Americans express a preference for brands that support well-being and sustainability.

The missing piece here is an effective effort to educate consumers about the link between their buying habits and income inequality. You need to know that every time buy groceries, book a hotel or patronize a retail outlet, you have a choice, to either reinforce or to combat the income gap.

Need to stock up on household supplies? A trip to Costco supports jobs that pay, on average, twice as much as Wal-Mart. In search of lodging for an upcoming trip? Depending on where you stay, you can give your money to a hotel that pays its workers minimum wage, or one that offers much better living wages and benefits.

Living your values does not mean self-sacrifice; on the contrary, businesses that provide good jobs often treat their customers better. Shifting even a small percentage of consumer spending from businesses that treat their employees poorly to those that reward hard work could have an enormous impact on corporate behavior. High-road employers would make more money, enabling them to hire more workers, while the bottom feeders would be compelled to alter their practices.

A consumer-driven push to reduce inequality by supporting good employers would be pro-business in the best sense. It would spur a cycle of competition among businesses to improve job quality. Instead of a race to the bottom in search of higher profits, we would have a race to the top.

A mass consumer movement in support of companies that provide good jobs would transform our economy, and, more importantly, help us rebuild the disappearing middle class.

We all have the power of the purse! Let’s use it!!!

This wake-up call comes from an article written by Cherri Senders who is the founder of Labor 411, a consumer guide to companies that treat their workers fairly.

And that’s Bob’s Wake-up Call for today………………

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I love hearing the gong at

I love hearing the gong at Mystic Radio :) My entire body feels so happy when I hear it, another yeeeh haaa moment :)))

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Live show in 20

Live show in 20 minutes!

Robin Alexis

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Mahalo Nui Loa Robin & Mystic Radio for my clearing. I am so glad to clear this energy and move forward in Love and so excited to see the unfolding of it all! I am following the clearing with the reiki portal while working today! Thank you for providing these portals through soul spa.


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Mystic Radio last week

I tried to get through last week and will try again tomorrow...

Have a great show!


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Wake-Up Call-12/3/14 BIG

Wake-Up Call-12/3/14

BIG NEWS!!! Maui bans GMO crops . They got into Monsanto’s face. They accused Monsanto & Dow of spreading poison. They didn’t say, “You have a right to know what’s in your food and we’re all nice people, and reasonable people have a right to disagree.”

They hit it hard. In the last election, the Maui SHAKA Movement and other activists won by a very narrow margin, and instituted a temporary ban on new Monsanto & Dow GMO crops in Maui County, Hawaii.

Monsanto and other corporate opposition spent $300 for every vote they got, and they lost the election.

Here is a tip of the hat and a bow to Maui County activists. You know what you’re doing. You’re local. You experience first-hand, the Monsanto Roundup poison. You saw something, you did something.

The ban and moratorium can only be overturned after an environmental impact statement is submitted to the Maui County Council, and after a 2/3 vote to overturn what the voters wanted and past in the election.

Maui activists will monitor that process very closely and expose corrupt Council members and the upcoming parade of low-life Monsanto lawyers, PR people, and bagmen carrying cash for bribes, because that is what’s going on and how they do business.

Ultimate victory isn’t guaranteed by any means, but this is a real battle, not a mock one.

Colorado and Oregon lost its GMO labeling ballot measure in the recent election, as Washington and California did in the last couple of years.

But Maui proved, in its own backyard, that banning poison is more powerful than labeling it. MAUI KNOWS HOW TO BEAT MONSANTO!

Let the world know. In the end, this isn’t a consumer campaign, it’s a war against lying corporate poisoners. Saying Monsanto can keep poisoning just doesn’t cut it.

Here is another success story: Humboldt County in Northern California, passed, by a wide margin, Measure P, which “prohibits the propagation, cultivation, raising, or growing of genetically modified organisms in Humboldt County.” Good work, Humboldt County, another ban has been passed.

Let’s explain something. The GMO-labeling ballot measures are really PR campaigns, and they keep some degree of awareness alive about GMO crops.

They’re not full educational campaigns, because the amount of teaching they do is superficial. PR is slogans. Education is much, much deeper, and it certainly includes aggressive information about the horrendous effects of Roundup, among other GMO issues.

Education requires getting people to stand still long enough to actually learn something important. It isn’t a brush-off. That’s one of the reasons why I do these Wake-up calls, to educate our audience to what is really going on.

So here’s the point. If these GMO-labeling ballot campaigns are really Public Relations, then why not redirect the PR against Monsanto and the other corporate criminals, instead of hammering away on “the right to know what’s in your food”?

There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain, after labeling defeats in California, Washington, Colorado, and Oregon. Monsanto, with its Public Relations campaigns, is trying to build this reality: GMO foods are wonderful and safe and the planet benefits.

So far, the counter-reality is: LET Monsanto and their allied farmers grow their food, as long as the consumer can identify it on the label and reject it, if they want to.

That’s suicide through lack of imagination and courage. Take a few million of the dollars now being spent on pro-labeling campaigns and, instead, put it into video web ads that play all over the world.

Picture in your mind what could be done in one of these ads: A destitute farmer
and his family stand in front of his wasted, dusty, super-weed-choked field, states his name, and says: “I’m an American farmer. Monsanto lied to me and killed my farm and my livelihood with their poison called Roundup. And it doesn’t even work. The weeds it was supposed to knock out are bigger than ever. Monsanto strangled my soybean crop, they ruined my farm, and my daughter is sick from the Roundup poisoning…”

Then, a few cold-eyed, take-no-prisoner attorneys stroll into the ad, and one of them looks into the camera and says, “Hello, Monsanto. Thinking of suing us for this ad? Bring it on, baby.”

A man pushes a large trunk on a dolly into the frame. He opens the trunk and takes out sheaf after sheaf of papers.

The attorney says, “Monsanto? This is the evidence that shows you’ve been lying to the people about how safe GMO food is, and you’ve been lying about your poison called Roundup. See you at the first deposition. It’s going to be a DOOZIE, Monsanto.”

A large red title appears at the bottom of the screen: BAN GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOOD. It fades out, to be replaced by another title: SEND MONSANTO CRIMINALS TO PRISON.

Something like that, for starters. Other ads will follow. How do you increase public awareness? Create a page-one controversial news story from one end of the planet to the other!

Monsanto sues and it’s a five-year story. Monsanto doesn’t sue and they’re cowards. Either way we’re big-time winners.

THIS is Public Relations. PR for the public good. To those of you who are spending big bucks to fund GMO-labeling ballot measures: We’ll take you to school, look what Maui just did!!!

This information for this wake-up call comes from articles by Jon Rappoport. Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, in the US and Europe. His website is: www.nomorefakenews.com

And that’s Bob’s Wake-Up call for today………………..

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The Amish Farmers: Reinventing Organic Agriculture

The Amish Farmers: Reinventing Organic Agriculture

By studying the immune systems of plants,
they've developed a technique that eliminates the need for chemicals.

Roc Morin
Oct 6 2014

“In the Second World War,” Samuel Zook began, “my ancestors were conscientious objectors because we don’t believe in combat.” The Amish farmer paused a moment to inspect a mottled leaf on one of his tomato plants before continuing. “If you really stop and think about it, though, when we go out spraying our crops with pesticides, that’s really what we’re doing. It’s chemical warfare, bottom line.”

Eight years ago, it was a war that Zook appeared to be losing. The crops on his 66-acre farm were riddled with funguses and pests that chemical treatments did little to reduce. The now-39-year-old talked haltingly about the despair he felt at the prospect of losing a homestead passed down through five generations of his family. Disillusioned by standard agriculture methods, Zook searched fervently for an alternative. He found what he was looking for in the writings of an 18-year-old Amish farmer from Ohio, a man named John Kempf.

Kempf is the unlikely founder of Advancing Eco Agriculture ; a consulting firm established in 2006 to promote science-intensive organic agriculture. The entrepreneur’s story is almost identical to Zook’s. A series of crop failures on his own farm drove the 8th grade-educated Kempf to school himself in the sciences. For two years, he pored over research in biology, chemistry, and agronomy in pursuit of a way to save his fields. The breakthrough came from the study of plant immune systems which, in healthy plants, produce an array of compounds that are toxic to intruders. “The immune response in plants is dependent on well-balanced nutrition,” Kempf concluded, “in much the same way as our own immune system.” Modern agriculture uses fertilizer specifically to increase yields, he added, with little awareness of the nutritional needs of other organic functions. Through plant sap analysis, Kempf has been able to discover deficiencies in important trace minerals which he can then introduce into the soil. With plants able to defend themselves, pesticides can be avoided, allowing the natural predators of pests to flourish.
"Instead of trying to grow crops that are healthy with fungicides and pesticides, I started to grow crops that are healthy with nutrition."

According to Kempf, the methods he developed through experimentation on his Ohio farm are now being used across North and South America, Hawaii, Europe, and Africa. The entrepreneur promises clients higher-quality crops, bigger yields, better taste, and produce that carries a lucrative “organic” label. Kempf, however, considers his process as an important improvement upon standard organic farming methods. “Organic certification is a negative-process certification,” he explained, “You can do nothing to your field and become certified. In contrast, we focus on actively restoring the balance found in natural systems.”

I recently sought out Samuel Zook, one of Kempf’s earliest converts, at his farm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania to see Advancing Eco Agriculture’s practices in action. After trailing a leisurely horse and carriage in my car for several miles, I was greeted at the farm by a bounding dog and Zook’s young barefoot son. The boy stared silently with his arms wrapped around a watermelon almost as big as himself. In a straw hat and suspenders, he looked like a miniature version of his father. The elder Zook smiled demurely through a neatly trimmed beard and extended his hand before inviting me on a tour of his fields. A hushed gaggle of children tripped along behind us as we walked among the bales of hay and rows of tomatoes, onions, melons, and squash.


Roc Morin: Can you describe the differences between how you used to farm and how you farm now?

Samuel Zook: The inputs changed drastically. Instead of trying to grow crops that are healthy with fungicides and pesticides, I started to grow crops that are healthy with nutrition.

Morin: What was the hardest part about making the change?

Zook: Well, there was a big psychological block that I had to get through. I’d see a couple bugs out there and feel like I immediately had to do something about it. But, I learned that if I sit back, things will often take care of themselves. That first summer for instance, we saw a lot of horn worms. Before that, I would have sprayed them right away, but this time I waited and a bunch of wasps came along and killed them. Once I saw that, I started getting really excited.

Morin: So, when you use a pesticide you’re killing the predators too, right?

Zook: Right. You’re killing the entire ecosystem.

Morin: Have all of your problems disappeared?

Zook: I wish I could say that, but not entirely. We’re not living in the Garden of Eden yet. The issues I had before have disappeared, but we still have some other issues that we’re working on. One of the main things that have improved is how it feels to farm. Before, if I applied fungicide on my tomatoes, I had to wait three to seven days before I could reenter the area. Now, it’s so nice to just walk in my field any day of the week and not worry a bit. That in itself is huge. The other thing is, when I used to mix these skull-and-cross-bones chemicals to put in my sprayer, I’d have to be suited up. The children would be around and I’d say, “Now, get in the house. It’s not safe.” Now though, if the children want to help, it’s fine. If I want to mix the solutions better, I’ll just put my hand in a stir it around.

Morin: What are some of the problems that you’re dealing with now?

Zook: One of my major issues in the greenhouse is spider mites—little insects that just love a warm, dry environment. It’s very hard to control them, even conventionally. We usually get them under control, but we often lose some yield.

Morin: How do you get them under control?

Zook: Mainly through applying specific trace minerals like iodine and a whole line of ultra-micronutrients. We analyzed the sap of the plants with the help of a lab and I think we’ve narrowed the problem down to excessive ammonium nitrates. If ammonia builds up in the plants, it’s bug food, so we need to figure out a way to convert ammonia fast. I just spent two days with John [Kempf], and he came up with an enzyme cofactor which we’ll use to stimulate that ammonia conversion. We figure things out ourselves now rather than call up the chemical rep.

Morin: What did your chemical rep say when you told him that you didn’t need his services anymore?

Zook: Well, that was an interesting summer. He used to come here every week telling me horror stories about all the diseases in the neighborhood. But, I had made up my made up my mind, “No mas.” He came back every week for eight weeks telling me what I needed to spray. I said, “I’m fine, thanks.” The last time he was here, we were out picking tomatoes and he walked over. He was looking around and talking about this and that, and he didn’t even mention pesticides. “Well,” he said, “your tomatoes look pretty good.” I thought, “Yes!”

Morin: One thing that I immediately noticed is how great everything smells here. Do you still smell it, or are you accustomed to it?

Zook: Oh, I smell it every time I come here. It’s exciting. Those aromas are actually compounds the plants produce to defend themselves from insects and disease attacks. A lot of people don’t realize that plants have immune systems.

Morin: So, you can smell health—can you smell problems too?

Zook: Yes. There’s a real science to walking through a field and pausing to feel what the plants are feeling. There’s a huge difference between walking in this field and walking in one that has had six fungicide applications. The plants just don’t radiate that same vitality. Another thing I learned is that every time you spray with a fungicide or something, it’s actually suppressing the plant as well as the fungi.

Morin: The same way those antibiotics can weaken a person’s immune system?

Zook: Yes. It might kill the disease, but then because it has weakened the plant, a week later the plant is much more susceptible to that same disease again. That’s the way it is with miticide. If I come in here and spray the mites with it, it would kill some of them, but it kills by messing with their hormones, so the ones that do survive will then mature 50 percent faster. So, it’s pretty much guaranteed that I’d have a huge mite outbreak 10 years later. Instead of doing that, let’s figure out what this plant wants and provide it. They really do respond.

Morin: What else can you tell by looking at your plants?

Zook: Well, one thing we learn is to read the leaves. This asymmetry here indicates zinc deficiency. The spots over here indicate a phosphorus deficiency. And, this here rippling of the leaf usually indicates excess nitrogen.

Morin: Before you started with this method were you able to read the leaves?

Zook: You know, I barely noticed them at all. I just planted and sprayed. Now, it’s much more fun.

Roc Morin is a journalist based in New York and the curator of the World Dream Atlas.


The War between Organic
and Conventional Farming
Misses the Point

The real dispute is over valid but competing priorities.

Ari LeVaux
May 14 2012

On April 23, the science journal Nature published a paper titled "Comparing the yields of organic and conventional agriculture," by Verena Seufert et al. The mainstream press waded into the paper's implications but had a hard time packaging them in a headline. CNN announced "Organic yields 25% lower than conventional farming," while the Los Angeles Times proclaimed "Organic Farming, carefully done, can be efficient."

Pundits have used the paper to support contrary arguments in the ongoing debates about organic agriculture. Such cherry-picking isn't a huge surprise, given the issue's divisiveness, said co-author Dr. Navin Ramankutty of McGill University.

"We made everyone equally unhappy," he told me by phone.

The paper is a meta-analysis of previous studies comparing organic and conventional agriculture, and purports to be the second of its kind. The first, by another team in 2007, concluded that organic agriculture could outperform conventional agriculture, but parts of that study's methodology were criticized. Seufert et al. took those criticisms into account, hoping to avoid similar challenges, and considered 66 studies that compared the yields of 344 different crops. In this sample, conventional techniques outperformed organic methods in terms of overall yield. In some circumstances, and with some crops, the difference is statistically insignificant. There are counterexamples as well.

Yield alone, the team writes, is "...only part of a range of economic, social and environmental factors that should be considered when gauging the benefits of different farming systems."

This point is often overlooked in discussions of how best to feed the world. Farming methods impact the lives of all who share the ecosystem. They can pollute the environment or make use of what would otherwise have become pollutants. They can affect the nutrient levels in food and the health of farm workers. To assume that the best farming practice is the one that produces the highest yield is like observing that a Lamborghini outraces a bicycle, and thus should be the world's only vehicle.

The paper asserts that the efficacy of various farming systems is context-dependent, and proposes that the apparent dichotomy between organic and nonorganic is overly simplistic. Hybrid systems, the paper suggests, should be considered in some contexts. Ramankutty used his personal approach to food procurement as an example of how a hybrid system might work.

"I often buy organic food," he told me. "Partly it's because of some maybe nonscientific fear of pesticide residues in food -- although it looks like scientific evidence for that is not hard to get.

"On the other hand, I wouldn't mind if a farmer was applying a little bit of chemical fertilizer. I may not buy food if somebody was applying pesticides, but I would certainly not mind if my farmer applied a little bit of chemical fertilizer on his farm. It's when we use 200 kilograms per hectare compared to maybe 40 or 50 kilograms that the problem arises."

The paper notes that many organic agriculture systems are deficient in nitrogen, and that production on such farms would benefit from more of it. But most conventional systems have more than enough nitrogen, thanks to the ease and cost of applying chemical fertilizer.

"The problem we have with nitrogen is that we use too much of it, in some parts of the planet," Ramankutty told me. "Then it gets left behind in the soil, it leaches out into groundwater, causing water quality problems. It runs down rivers and into lakes and causes algal blooms.

"There's a diminishing return to nitrogen application. If you're applying more and more fertilizer, plants take up less and less of it. If nitrogen is heavily subsidized, that is if there's no cost to applying nitrogen, then farmers won't have any incentive to reduce the amount of nitrogen."

Organic sources of nitrogen include manure, cover crops, fish emulsion, compost, and other sources, many of them labor-intensive. These sources of nitrogen do more than simply add "N," as it's called in the paper. They also add organic matter to the soil, which is crucial for the soil's microbial activity and helps retain moisture.

Shoveling manure is a lot more work than applying chemical nitrogen. But as long as natural gas (from which the fertilizer comes) is cheap, chemical nitrogen will be too.

In developing countries, the farms considered in the studies analyzed by Seufert et al are export-oriented operations, usually certified organic by international third-party organizations. Ramankutty makes a distinction between subsistence farming (which may be organic by default due to lack of resources, but not intentionally organic), and "intensive organic" methods, which involve active techniques like composting and mulching. Subsistence farmers might not need to become certified organic if they're not catering to an organic market, but nonetheless the use of organic methods can build soil, conserve water, and grow better crops.

"There is a hypothesis," Ramankutty said, "that in developing countries, switching from subsistence to intensive organic can be beneficial. We unfortunately couldn't test that, so all we could say in the paper is that there's no evidence right now that the hypothesis is true. But that does not mean it's not true. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence."

Looking forward, Ramankutty said, the team's next step is "to look at the other side of the equation, the environmental outcomes. What do the environmental outcomes of organic vs. conventional farming look like?"

Those results, when they come, will no doubt further stir the pot in the ever-spirited debate over the best way to produce food. Ramankutty expressed regret that their paper has probably breathed new life into a polarized debate that's a lot more complicated than a simple dichotomy between organic and conventional.

That said, the data does provide clues as to which practices might help in certain contexts. Several of the studies they analyzed demonstrated that organic techniques offer clear yield advantages in drought conditions, he said.

Ari LeVaux writes Flash in the Pan, a syndicated weekly food column that has appeared in more than 50 newspapers in 21 states.

Vs. Organic
Vs. The Future
of Food

Posted September 27, 2013
by Nicholas Burtner

People are awakening to a vision where they can see themselves as less stressed, having more quality time to spend with family, and real food laced with nature’s nutrition. Our great grandparents and, for some, grandparents could have told you of a time when there was no such thing as a supermarket. As a point in fact it was not until 1915 that Vincent Astor came up with a ’mini mall’ that was the basis for supermarkets. The idea eventually morphed into the modern supermarket; the first one named King Kullen, inspired by the movie King Kong, in Jamaica Queens, New York City — to which their slogan was "Pile it high, Sell it low". It seems that even in those days the idea of quality over quantity was fading in the eyes of the store owners.

Today we have a new infusion and influx of curiosity about what goes into our food. Mothers and fathers from the generation of growing up on McNuggets (the 1980s babies) are seeing the deterioration of health end masse in most countries. Most of the world has now heard of organic foods and many are switching to an organic food based diet.

The organic movement really started within the green movement in the 1940s. The term ‘organic agriculture’ was coined by Walter Ernest Christopher James, 4th Baron Northbourne (long name I know) in his book Look to the Land. Interestingly enough, Walter Northbourne was a major proponent of the work of Rudolph Steiner’s and Ehrenfried Pfeiffer’s called bio dynamics. Which for those of us who study in patterns of design, this is quite interesting.

The call to take the toxins out of our food is the basis of organic farming, which we as a society should really applaud as it is not an easy feat to go up against Big Pharma. However after studies on both sides of the fence for and against organics have shown, there has not been major differences in nutrition in organically farmed produce and animals to that of conventionally grown crops. And to top that off, many organic farmers are still using conventional shaving of ecosystems — irrigation, planting, and harvesting practices which will ultimately end in enslavement and debt to the organic farmer. Thus will also lead to deforestation and salted deserts.

There is also an overwhelming amount of evidence showing the link to mental disorders, obesity, cancers, high blood pressure, and a myriad of other health related issues due to current toxic conventional farming systems.

I want to point out that either consciously or subconsciously there appears to be an awakening. Thanks to millions of people who are out there Marching Against Monsanto ; , or a new wave of interest from young people to get into sustainable and regenerative farming, or restaurants both big and small now offering quality organic ingredients because their market demands it, things are slowly changing.

What will happen next?
There is currently a bid to label or take out GMOs (genetically modified organisms) from the food system. More and more farmers are wanting to switch to a highly regulated organic system. However this is not enough. If we truly want to obtain health we must increase the nutrition in food. I repeat! If we truly want to obtain health we must increase the nutrition in the food. Many people have called this type of food "nutrient dense food".

Nutrient dense food is the next stage of our food pledge. To do this an masse we must utilize permaculture systems, as these systems never need artificial fertilizers or the use of chemical pesticides or herbicides. We must take responsibility for what we want to eat and how we want to feel. The easiest way to do this is to turn your home into a permaculture system. It does not matter if you live on 500 acres or more, or a sub-acre suburban lot, or an apartment in an urban sprawl. These systems can and will work for you.

Some may ask how we can know how much nutrition is in the food grown on my property vs. the food bought at conventional supermarkets vs. organic foods. In this case there is a tool that anyone can purchase called a refractometer . It is simple to use and measures the amount of nutrients via sucrose levels. This type of reading is called a Brix reading. An example of conventionally grown carrot may have a brix reading of 5. An organic carrot may still be at 5 or up to 8 (there have been higher numbers measured). And a nutrient dense carrot will start at 12 — with many tests gauging at 18 for being the average result for food grown in a permaculture system (that is a very good number to be at). In New Zealand, Kay Baxter of the Koanga Permaculture Research Institute is using amazing permaculture
systems and even trying to reach a brix reading of 30.

However, no matter how many facts we see, or inspiration gathered, or even how sick we are, there are still those not ready to take that step into food freedom by creating a home based permaculture system. Even in these cases, we then must rally for the re-localization of food. At the outset of this movement we must get to know our local food growers. Show them our interest in nutrient dense food and why it is far better than organic and then tell them how they can achieve this by using permaculture practices. If they have never heard of permaculture then at that moment would be a good time to let them know about permaculture and its regenerative methods and give them information about a permaculture school/teacher in their area — or at the very least a permaculture design consultant.

We must really put an emphasis on wealth and its true definition. Our health, and that of our children, is the motivation that will take us to the next level of food integrity.

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New "Opt Out" Smart Meter

New "Opt Out" Smart Meter Info: Please read! New Smart Meter Film/ Brain Cancer Clusters at San Diego State Univ./Tax dollars 11 billion given to power companies for smart meter installation

"I have just found on www.stopsmartmeters.org
that the AMR is in fact, a smart meter, there are 4 basic types. People need to go look at this site. and Include it in their letters--everybody better write one! Even some of the analog meters are already smart meters!!"

According to Josh Del Sol, the filmmaker of Take Back Your Power, his website states:

“Do not accept a non-transmitting digital meter. Any digital meter uses a switching-mode power supply, which as we learned in the film, produces “dirty” electricity on the wiring of your entire home. The only safe option for your family is an analog meter. If your utility will not provide one, you can purchase one from FreedomTaker.com or elsewhere on the web. There are plenty of analog electrical meter suppliers.” See: http://www.takebackyourpower.net/solutions/

According to my sources a woman who had a perfectly functioning analog meter (she lives a few miles outside the city of Mount Shasta) had her analog meter removed without her permission and replaced by a smart meter. The Pacific Power claimed her analog meter wasn't functioning properly, the homeowner disputes that claim.

The new film, Take Back Your Power is a must see film for everyone on this planet! It will shock, upset, inspire and move you to take action. Below are details on where you can access this film:

Here's a new coupon code for your viewers. It's good for 35% off the single DVD and Stream/Download, via www.takebackyourpower.net


and is good until December 31.

So, with this special the DVD is 19.95 12.97 and stream/download is $4.95 $3.21

Feel free to share the coupon code as widely as you like: lovehumanity

Direct link to DVD shop: www.takebackyourpower.net/shop
Direct link to Stream/Download, with coupon code applied: https://takebackyourpower.vhx.tv/buy/take-back-your-power?code=lovehumanity

Josh del Sol
Director & Producer,
Anyone doubting just how dangerous the Wi-Fi is to your health, please watch the fore mentioned documentary. In it is a story regarding brain cancer clusters at San Diego State University. A mother, Virginia Farver lost her son and discovered through her own research that not only did her son die with brain cancer, 6 others died or were diagnosed with cancer at SDSU around the same time. They all had one thing in common; they worked directly under a large GWEN cell phone tower at Nasatir Hall or near it. See also:

The following was forwarded to me. It includes a personal account of a woman’s experience when a smart meter was installed at her home, without her permission or knowledge. I was told this was posted on the local utility blog:

"Here in Siskiyou County, Pacific Power has started installing a new type of power meter, without permission, when people are not home. People have not been notified, or given the opportunity to say no, first. This is an Automated Meter Reading/Radio Frequency meter (AMR/RF), which Pacific Power claims is not identical to Smart Meters. But AMR/RF meters have been identified as Smart Meters by consumer watchdogs, such as
www.stopsmartmeters.org .
Smart meters use the same wavelengths as a cell phone (admitted by the cell phone industry to cause cancer, known to cause brain damage). In previous installations, most houses have a smaller unit, that one is 'only' 300 times the power of a cell phone. Every so many houses (20, 50?) there could be a repeater; those units are 500 times the power of a cell phone! Some meters which claim to only broadcast a high energy spike every 4 hours have been measured as producing that spike 700 times as often. Some brands spike 10,000 times a day, and one model was recorded to spike 190,000 times a day. Also the power industry has been caught averaging the microsecond of a spike with the other 999,999 microseconds of non-spike, to claim that power levels are low. This and much more scientifically measured data is available at:

Perhaps Pacific Power is intending to bypass the huge customer backlash experienced by Pacific Gas & Electric, by telling us these are not smart meters. Did they really think we wouldn't notice? Even if this AMR/RF meter is not as bad, why the rush, why not let us know in advance what they plan, why not notify us in advance of a way to opt-out? [According to the new doc, Take Back Your Power, the utility corporations have been given 11 billion dollars for the Smart Grid upgrades and they don't get their money until they install the smart meters. That is the reason they are in a hurry to install as many as they can as soon as possible. Must watch the film it will fill in many of the missing pieces.] Don't you want to be able to ask some questions before any similar meter is installed at your house? The health consequences are just beginning to be proved. The World Health Organization (UN Health watchdog) has identified this type of RF signal as a potential carcinogen. Those at greatest risk are elders, the infirm, your children and grandchildren, and pets. In my previous location, the smart meter was installed while I was away. When I returned, my two cats vomited many times a day for 6 days. They also got very pink bellies, and masses of skin lesions along the lower half of the spine. It took me a long time to find out about the smart meter, because I had not been there when it was installed. But the proof is in the pudding: when we moved, the lesions immediately went away. When we moved to a house with an analog meter, the pink bellies and skin lesions disappeared in 24 hours. That was very weird, because the lesions looked like an ordinary scab, which does not disappear that quickly. Though Pacific Power claims that they are only replacing meters that are broken, I know at least one meter was replaced that was not broken. Please consider opting out now, there is plenty of time to change your mind, later, but those meters are very hard to get uninstalled once in. In one case, a customer was told that the meter had been made safe, then the identical RF and EMF fields were measured, she was just plain lied to. The opt-out phone number with Pacific Power is: 888-221-7070 and ask for Kristy (her last name was not given), Metering Manager, in the Portland office. That number is answered 24/7, so please don't wait to call, leave a message for Kristy if necessary. See www.stopsmartmeters.org for helpful info, FAQs and recent articles."

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Wake-Up Call-11/19/14 As we

Wake-Up Call-11/19/14

As we go into the winter months, I’m going to give you 8 Ways to prevent the winter blues called Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD.

There are people who experience a change of moods during the winter months, particularly with a feeling of depression and sadness.

Typically when the weather gets warmer, these feelings will begin to lessen. If you are feeling under the weather during the cold winter months but not sure if you are having a seasonal disorder, here are the Symptoms:

1. Feelings of sadness, hopelessness and anxiety during the winter months.

2. Feeling fatigue, loss of energy, having trouble concentrating and are unmotivated.

3. Feelings of sadness, fatigue, and being isolated, that start out mild and become more severe as the winter progresses.

4. Change in appetite and sleeping habits.

5. Social withdrawal, loss of interest in social activities and hobbies. Some people tend to “hibernate” during the winter months. They don’t leave their house very often in winter and stop socializing and enjoying their daily activities. They start to feel isolated, lonely and depressed. Watch out for this pattern.

Environmental factors may play a big role. A person who lives in an area near a lake can get the lake effect, where they gets so much snow and very little sun all winter, resulting in Seasonal Affective Disorder.

SAD can also run in the family, and genetics play a role. SAD is more common in women and is usually seen starting in young adulthood.

Here’s how to Prevent Seasonal Affective Disorder:

There are different treatment options available for SAD, and even ways to help prevent it, or at least the severity of it.

1. Light Therapy. Increased sunlight helps improve the symptoms of seasonal disorder. There are certain lights you can buy called “Light Therapy Box,” which mimic outside light and help you lift your mood and spirits. There is also Full Spectrum Lighting that can replicate sunlight inside your home or workplace.

2. Psychotherapy. A therapist can help you identify your negative thoughts and behaviors and help you change them. A therapist can also help you find good coping skills to feel better.

3. Spend some time outdoors, to grab some natural light. Take a morning or afternoon walk and take time to sit in the sun to help lift your spirits. Even if the weather is cold and snowy, being outside in the winter months is beneficial.

4. Exercise. Every time we exercise we produce endorphins while reducing stress hormones. This gives us a boost of happiness.

5. Bring the outdoors inside. Open up the shades and curtains. Move your desks and chairs near windows to bring the sunlight indoors.

6. Don’t let winter make you feel trapped. Make weekly plans to have fun whether it’s dinner with friends or catching a movie. Just make sure to laugh and socialize. Surround yourself with family and friends to give you the extra support you need.

7. Plan a vacation where the weather is warm and the sun is shining. If you feel a sense of isolation and loneliness in the winter months, setting up vacation in a warm sunny spot can help and give you something to look forward to.

8. Meds. Doctors have prescribed anti-depressants that have worked well for some patients that suffer with more severe SAD symptoms.

And that’s Bob’s Wake-Up for today…………………

The information from this Wake-Up Call comes from Diane Lang, and her website is www.DLCOUNSELING.COM

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Mystic Radio live at noon

Mystic Radio® with Robin Alexis LIVE from Mt. Shasta airs in Seattle

CALL 1-888-298-5569 @ 12:00 Noon Pacific WED or listen locally on line @ http://1150kknw.com/listen

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Wake-Up Call-11/12/14 Last

Wake-Up Call-11/12/14

Last month, October 20th - 26th, was National Radon Action Week. It occurs the 3rd week of October every year. Radon gas is becoming more of a widespread problem in the United States. In the U.S., one in fifteen homes is affected by elevated radon levels. Radon cannot be seen; it has no scent, and is colorless. Radon invades homes and buildings through foundation cracks and openings and even directly through concrete.

Radon gas is considered a carcinogen that comes from decayed radium and uranium in the soil. It is the #1 cause of lung cancer in non-smokers and causes people that do smoke greater chance of being diagnosed with lung cancer when exposed to this deadly gas. The World Health Organization states that 14% of lung cancer cases are caused by Radon, and suggests people take action against high levels of Radon.
The purpose of National Radon Action Week is to educate people about the health risks of radon, learning about radon gas itself, to inform everyone how to test their homes for radon and what actions need to be taken if there are high levels of radon present.

Radon is a problem that affects millions of homes, daycare centers, schools, and buildings across the country. You need to get informed in order to stay safe and healthy in the place you spend most of your time. Check with your local health department and home improvement store for radon test kits.

Visit www.RadonWeek.org for more information.

And that is Bob’s Wake-Up call for today…………………..


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Mystic Radio® with Robin

Mystic Radio® with Robin Alexis LIVE from Mt. Shasta airs in Seattle

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Got huge shift with the first

Got huge shift with the first caller when Bob sounded the gong, wow, magical :)))))
And now after I just ate, I'm having half glass of red wine WITH pieces of apple in it :)))) And I recalled that on Easter in my country, we get blessed wine with bits of bread in it and I loved it .... Maybe Wendy was right, is my craving for Christ consciousness :) Not long ago I dreamed myself in Robin house searching for spiritual food :))))

Interesting journey :) yes it has pain, but is also full of magic :)

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the gong on mystic radio

I felt that as well when the gong sounded! Today was the first time I've listened to the radio show. So much great info and lessons to learn from it.


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Still Counting Despite news

Still Counting

Despite news reports that Oregon’s Measure 92 to la bel GMO foods was defeated on Tuesday, the official word from the YES on 92 campaign is: It’s not over.

As of this morning, November 9, Measure 92 is trailing 49.73 percent to 50.27 percent. According to the official word from the campaign, a GMO labeling law in Oregon is just 8,300 votes- or just one half of one percent - shy of a win.

Although the math looks difficult, the campaign believes there are enough ballots yet to be counted that a win is still within reach.

Campaign staff are working diligently to make sure every vote is counted, but it's a slow process. And we may not know the outcome until November 18, the deadline for the Secretary of State to count all outstanding ballots. Whichever way it goes, Monsanto and Big Food outspent us in Oregon by more than 2 to 1, dumping a record-shattering $20.8 million into TV, radio and print ads, and direct mail, to run yet another campaign of twisted truths and outright lies. T he Gene and Junk Food Giants also spent big in Colorado—more than $17 million—to defeat Colorado’s Proposition 105 this week, another citizens’ initiative to label GMOs.

Conservative estimates put the total spent by the likes of Monsanto and Pepsi to defeat GMO labeling laws, so far, at about $105 million. That number doesn’t include the record millions spent lobbying lawmakers. Or the millions spent trying (unsuccessfully) to prevent Vermont from passing a GMO labeling law. What the pesticide and junk food companies won’t spend. Just to hide the genetically engineered, pesticide-laden “foods” they’re feeding you.

GMO labeling wasn’t the only anti-GMO issue on the ballot this election. The anti-GMO movement won two key battles this week—clear signs that we are making headway.

Voters in Maui County (Hawaii), passed

a moratorium on the growing of GMO crops, despite an $8-million campaign waged by the biotech industry to try to stop them.

Sources say a lawsuit by industry is inevitable, just as it was in Vermont .

In Humboldt County, Calif., voters passed

a law making it illegal "to propagate, cultivate, raise or grow any organism (or its offspring) whose DNA has been altered by genetic engineering.”

The loss in Colorado is disappointing. But not debilitating. And whatever the final outcome in Oregon, this movement is very much alive. We are nothing if not patient and determined. We have the science, and you, on our side. And we are fired up.

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The Colorful Killers

Wake Up Call-11.05.14

Robin and I got an interesting call this weekend. Our daughter Dawn and her husband Jeff took our 5 year old grandson to a birthday party. At the party a very impressively decorated Spider Man birthday cake was served.

Of course, when Jake was asked what piece of the cake he wanted, he picked the one with Spider Man on it, which included tons of red frosting!

Within a couple of hours of leaving the birthday party Jake began to cry, scream over nothing, would not listen to his mother, and when she reprimanded him he actually became even more rebellious. Jake was sent to his room, but before his mother could leave the room, Jake hit her and threw things at her!

Thank God Dawn knew this was not her son's normal behavior and this is not how he had been raised. She shut the door on a screaming Jake and quickly turned on the computer.

Dawn feeds her son organic food and never gives him store bought cakes with colorful frosting.

Dawn had mother's intuition, as she is Robin’s daughter. She figured the “RED FROSTING” was made with RED DYE, so she did a computer search asking the following question:

"Do children who consume RED DYE have behavior outbursts?"

She quickly learned that many children experience this phenomenon. They are not the problem, what they are eating is the problem. Many children have meltdowns, behave aggressively and act frustrated in inappropriate ways after eating RED DYE. The kids are treated like they have a problem. The internet is full of these stories.

Dawn and her husband went upstairs to talk to Jake. He was lying on his bed thinking he was in big trouble, with both of his parents coming to his room. Instead, they sat down with him and explained that he was not in trouble, but that he could not eat foods with RED DYE in them anymore.

They explained to him that bad food choices can hurt us and that good food, like Organic food, can nurture us. Jake's parents told him that from now on when he goes to birthday parties he cannot eat certain birthday cakes.

They told him that after birthday parties they’ll take him to get some healthy sweets, and now those sweets are Jake's new candy choices.

Dawn found the following candy companies that she, in good conscious, can give to her child. Listen closely as she had to search for quite some time to find companies that do not hide RED DYE #40 in their candy.

You have to be careful about feeding your kids chocolate, as some companies even hide RED DYE in their chocolate!

Here are the healthy candy companies that Dawn found:

• Endangered Species Chocolate

• Yum- E-Earth

• Sun-Spirt Premium Chocolate

• Unreal Candy

Unreal Candy is a line of “un-junked” versions of the most popular candies on the market. It takes the corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, dyes, and preservatives in candies like M&Ms, Reese’s Cups, and Milky Way Bars, and replaces them with BLUE A-GAVE NECTAR, ORGANIC PALM OIL, and other more natural ingredients.

These better ingredients don’t change the fact that Candy IS STILL Candy.
You’d be better off eating an organic banana.

But here is some good news: CVS Drug Stores, actually places UNREAL CANDY on the same shelves, and at that same price point as the “JUNK” candy they’re trying to replace, making it more competitive than most organic all-natural products on the market.

And that’s Bob’s Wake-Up call for today…………………..

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US citizens, this is a wake-up call to remind everyone to vote. Tuesday, November 4th is Election Day. No matter what part of the country you are in, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you vote.

You MUST exercise this freedom and your right to vote.

Whether you are happy or disappointed about how the country is being run,
please KNOW that the configuration of Congress after these elections, will have everything to do with whether we will go WAY backwards or move forward into the future.

Women and minorities, it is especially important that your exercise your right to vote next Tuesday. This election can determine whether you can keep the rights you have fought so hard for in the last 50 years.

This election could determine if the current President or future presidents
will be able to accomplish anything at all.

Many elections will be very close. A few votes here and there could determine the outcome.

You folks in Oregon and Colorado have the opportunity to vote for food labeling laws, so you can know what’s in your food and if you’re eating GMO’s or not.

Don’t go the way that Washington State and California did the last two elections, by voting down GMO labeling laws due to misinformation from out of state interests.

There are many countries on this planet that do not have the privilege we have to cast our vote. They wish they had the right to vote and that they could determine their own future.

DO NOT miss this opportunity. It doesn’t matter whether you believe democracy is working. Your vote can determine if it’s going to work in the future. Much lies in the balance. You, taking action is crucial! Vote next Tuesday. And that’s Bob’s wake-up call for today………………


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Mystic Radio® with Robin

Mystic Radio® with Robin Alexis LIVE from Mt. Shasta airs in Seattle

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“Mystic Radio® with Robin Alexis” is a LIVE from Mount Shasta weekly metaphysical call-in program co-hosted by Robin and her husband Bob that airs on KKNW in Seattle WA. Since 2006 Robin & Bob have welcomed listeners & callers from all over the world. In their practical mysticism approach they will serve you with any kind of metaphysical question or concern. Call in for your on air readings with Robin. Bob’s Wake Up Calls will inform you about outrageous consumer & political issues you need to be aware of. Engaging & informative Robin & Bob help you manage your life making life choices from a place of partnership between your intellect and your intuition.

Call in for your FREE LIVE ON AIR READING! Join the Mystic Radio® Family and tell your family & friends about us! If it is Wednesday it is Mystic Radio® with Robin Alexis at 3:00 PM Eastern Time and 12:00 Noon Pacific Time. Listen and Call-in Wednesdays 3:00 PM Eastern Time and Noon Pacific Time for your FREE ON-AIR READINGS. “Mystic Radio® with Robin Alexis” http://1150kknw.com/listen at 12:00 Noon Pacific / 3:00 PM Eastern time every Wednesday

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National Cat Day

Big cats are in big danger. On every continent, their homes and food supply are threatened.

•Here in North America the Canada lynx, highly adapted to hunting on snow, is losing habitat as warmer climates prevail.

•The iconic Bengal tiger of India faces twin threats from deforestation and coastal erosion due to sea level rise.

•Deforestation also threatens the jaguars of South America who live stealthy and secretive lives in the Amazon rainforest.

•In Africa, severe droughts in 1994 and 2001 created a perfect storm of conditions that led to mass die-offs among lions from distemper. As global warming threatens to make such droughts increasingly commonplace, the outlook is grim for lions.

Your monthly gift to EDF in honor of National Cat Day will give these big cats a fighting chance to survive.

In Brazil, in partnership with local tribes, we’ve already reduced deforestation of the Amazon rainforest by 80%.

And around the world, from the United States to China, we’re working with businesses, governments, and communities to dramatically reduce the biggest sources of climate pollution that puts unique habitats in danger.


Emily StevensonHave a purr-fect day,

Emily Stevenson
Manager, Online Membership

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Mystic Radio® with Robin

Mystic Radio® with Robin Alexis CALL 1-888-298-5569 @ 12:00 Noon Pacific WED or listen locally on line @ http://1150kknw.com/listen

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Bob's Wake Up Call 10.22.14 We are making a difference

Bob's Wake Up Call 10.22.14 Monsanto Pays Dearly!

Great News!!! Monsanto Reports a $156 Million Dollar Quarterly Loss. This is HUGE ! Monsanto just recorded a major loss of $156 MILLION this quarter, and it’s because of You!

It’s no wonder Monsanto is facing huge setbacks. They’ve spent the past few months shelling out millions to kill GMO labeling initiatives in Colorado and Oregon, but polling shows the YES ON GMO LABELING INITIATIVES ahead despite Monsanto’s efforts.

Monsanto also just paid out a MASSIVE multi-million dollar settlement to residents of a town that once hosted a Monsanto factory producing toxic, cancer-causing chemicals.

The takeaway is clear. Monsanto is losing because the message is working. Our grassroots movement is standing up to Monsanto’s corporate cash, and they’re winning.

Monsanto’s Decline Will Continue and They Know It! Monsanto’s revenue loss isn’t a one-time occurrence – it’s a trend that’s going to continue. Monsanto’s own executives projected that early 2015 earnings will be down nominally from last year, and that’s because of food activists and farmers and people like you nationwide who aren’t afraid to stand up and fight for our health and safety.

Here’s what you can do today to keep up the fight against Monsanto. Say no to herbicide-ridden GMOs. Buy Organic non-Gmo food. Get your friends and neighbors to do the same, and keep growing our grassroots strength.

Right now, we have the chance to land a knockout punch by passing GMO labeling in Colorado and Oregon.

With this huge loss on the record, Monsanto is running scared. They’ve seen the absolute strength of grassroots food activists. When we join together, we can accomplish anything. We’ve proven that we can even take on a Big Food super corporation like Monsanto.

This is an amazing victory for our food movement. As mentioned above, GMO Labeling Laws are on the ballot in Oregon and Colorado. Those of you listening in Oregon and Colorado make sure you vote in November to pass those GMO LABELING INITIATIVES.

It is understood that not everyone is not in a position to donate to these ballot initiatives in Oregon and Colorado, but if you can, it would be a great investment for our future everywhere in the U.S. You can also assist in this fight by sharing this information with your friends and family you think might be interested in this vital issue. It takes a movement to change the world.
Thank you for participating in food democracy, and that’s Bob’s Wake-Up Call for today…………………………….


kawehiballou's picture


In Hawaii, Maui county, this is a hot topic. And if it goes through it'll prevent any GMO farming until further research can be done. Pro-GMO has spent $8 million on its initiative. Using lost jobs and the effects to our economy to spearhead it's campaign.

This has split the county, but would be monumental if/when passed.


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Bob's Wake Up Call 10.15.14 Made in China

Wake-Up Call-10/15/14

Today’s Subject is “Made in China”. Smithfield Farms, the largest pork producer here in the U.S. was sold to China last year. The hogs will still be raised here, but slaughtered and packaged in China before being sent back here to the United States. The same goes for many chickens. When they come back all that needs to be labeled is that they WERE RAISED IN THE USA, not that they were processed in China! This is our great Food and Drug Administration at work again. The chickens will be all processed and mostly sold to fast food restaurants, along with schools and supermarkets. China’s slaughter and processing requirements are not nearly equal to those here in the U.S.

Star-Kist Tuna is now owned by Korea, and is in a big conflict with the U.S. concerning quality, safety, and records, which Korea refuses to produce.

Here are some imported foods we eat. This is a beware list, and some advice:

1. Green Giant frozen vegetables are now from China.
2. Never buy grocery store garlic unless it is clearly marked from USA or Canada. The other stuff is grown with human waste. China is the largest producer of garlic in the world and the U.S. is next.
3. Buy only local honey because a large amount of honey is shipped in huge containers from China and re-packed here.
5. Beware, Costco sells canned peaches and pears in plastic jars that come from China.
7. Recently The Montreal Gazette had an article by the Canadian Government on how Chinese feed the fish: They suspend wire over the fish ponds, and the fish feed chicken waste. If you search the internet about what the Chinese feed their fish, you'll be alarmed. They use growth hormones and expired human antibiotics. Never buy any type of fish or shellfish that comes from Vietnam, China, or the Philippines.
8. Steinfeld's Pickles are made in India, and many canned mushrooms come from Indonesia, and they just as bad as the food coming from China!
9. Also check those little fruit cups you may buy. They used to be made in Canada until about 2 years ago. They are now packaged in China.

If the country of origin is not clearly marked, beware. If it is produce, ask a store employee. Watch out for packages which say "prepared for", "packed by" or "imported by". The country of origin should be clearly shown on the item in the store.

Go to the local farmers' markets in season and keep a wary eye open the rest of the year.

While the Chinese export inferior and even toxic products, dangerous toys, and goods to be sold in North American markets, 70% of North Americans believe that the trading privileges afforded to the Chinese should be suspended. Why do you need the government to suspend trading privileges? SIMPLY DO IT YOURSELF!

Just look on the bottom of every product you buy, and if it says 'Made in China ' or 'PRC', simply choose another product. You will be amazed at how dependent you are on Chinese products, and you will be equally amazed at what you can do without.

THINK ABOUT THIS: If 200 million North Americans refuse to buy just $20 each of Chinese goods, that's a billion dollar trade imbalance resolved in our favor... fast!

Just one month of trading losses will hit the Chinese for 8% of their North American exports. Then they will at least have to ask themselves if the benefits of their arrogance and lawlessness are worth it.

START NOW, don't stop and tell your friends. Let's show them that we are intelligent, and NOBODY can take us for granted. Start reading labels more closely and buy something else, even if it cost a few cents more.

And that’s Bob’s Wake-Up Call for today………………..

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More News on Smart Meters and More


Dear robin alexis,

Other than our lead story on meter hacking / BBC spin and two articles on more fires, the 9 blockbuster stories below indicate we're now clearly in a system-wide paradigm shift toward truth about the magnitude of harm being caused by wireless infrastructure.

I'm witnessing that people are more receptive than ever. As a friend put it, "people have had it with lies and ready for big truth - even if it seems weird".

It is however an unpopular awakening for some, so let us be committed, be connected with Spirit and each other, and remain in service to the greater good for the completion of this joint venture.

* * *

On Thursday the BBC ran an article originally entitled, "Smart meters open to hack attack." Then they changed the headline. And they added in photos including gun-toting terrorists. What's going on... and what spin are they selling? Find out here:

Having personally used the Cornet electrosmog meter the past 3 years to transform my own awareness of EMR, we've just recently invested in a shipment of the excellent ED78S. Visually show "smart" meter radiation intensity to anyone. Audio, peak hold & LF/gauss mode. We have it priced as low as possible. (Reg: $169.90. TBYP sale: $139.95)

1) Last week, Hillary Clinton had to deal with truth about Wi-Fi harm throughout classrooms everywhere, when US Congressional candidate Kevin Mottus inconveniently interrupted. Be sure to listen to Kevin's amazing interview below this story!

2) Former Nokia Chief Technologist says mobile phones wrecked his health and blows the whistle on wireless:

3) In Detroit, like everywhere, "smart" meters are causing illness (news video):

4) Startling new study from Sweden. The number of people receiving treatment for brain tumors "of unknown nature" increased by almost 30% in just 5 years - between 2008 and 2012:

5) And another new paper documenting an increase in glioblastoma mortality says "RF-EMF should be regarded as human carcinogen requiring urgent revision of current exposure guidelines":

6) Prof. Olle Johansson’s important research proves that products emitting wireless or electromagnetic radiation are indeed disastrous to the health of fetuses, children and all mankind. And his employer wants to fire him. Please sign and spread the word:

7) The US Dept of Transportation is insanely pushing for wireless vehicle-to-vehicle communication. Comment until tonight midnight EST. Major points are safety/cybersecurity/hacking and health/wireless. Please comment:

8) This new interview with Dr. Roy Fox outlines how he's helped electrosensitive individuals recover through detoxifying the body and avoiding pollutants:

9) This outstanding new EMR testing device is set to go mainstream, but they're still looking for investors:
Video: http://vimeo.com/101321362
Crowdfunding: http://www.crowdcube.com/investment/sensory-perspective-15407

There has been yet another fatal fire caused by a so-named "smart" meter - this one in Detroit involving two dogs:
Did accelerated corrosion from wireless infrastructure cause last week's massive underground fire in Calgary, Canada? Researcher Andrew Michrowski PhD has written this open letter to the Alberta government, with eye-opening research:

* * *
Watch the film, join the mission

Around the world, Take Back Your Power (2014 Edition) is awakening people to the “smart” meter agenda, and the empowering actions each of us can take.
Have you got your copy yet?

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Mystic Radio® with Robin

Mystic Radio® with Robin Alexis LIVE from Mt. Shasta airs in Seattle & Laconia, New Hampshire

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Astral Entity Healing Prayer

If you feel that your energy is not clear please repeat this prayer at least 3 times. How do you know you might not have clear energy?

How do you know if you need a psychic clearing?

Symptoms of needing psychic clearing & protection
provided by Janet Heartson, M.A.
(802) 633-3810 www.heartsons.com

Why is it important to clear my energy? If you want to feel clear and respond the way you want to others, you definitely want to master your own energy.

Symptoms of not being clear:

1. Over reacting when someone does something that hurts your feelings or makes you incomfortable.

2. road rage

3. negative communication with loved ones.

4. tired

5. cranky

6. unfocused, easily distracted.

7. Life has lost its appeal

8. Feeling like a victim

9. Not feeling like you can accomplish what you want.

10. No sense of humor.

What does it feels like to have clear energy?

1. Feeling empowered to reach your goals.

2. Having the energy to make life work for you.

3. Responding with compassion and patience to those that matter to you.

4. Not taking it personally if someone else drives badly or is rude.

5. Speaking your truth and trusting that it will create a trusting relationship.

6. Joyful moments of insight.

7. Experiences of synchronicity.

So, if you think your energy or if you think your children may have picked up entities for any reason repeat this prayer 3 times a day for 21 days. This prayer comes from this book;


Dear Ones,

You are unified in love with the truth of your being.

You are with God and with your own Higher self
God’s love surrounds you now.

You are free from all vibrations and emotions out of alignment with your highest good.

You are free to move into Divine Love now.

I call forth the Holy Spirit

To lead you by the hand.

To your perfect place of Divine Expression

You are blessed, forgiven and released into the love and wholeness of your own Higher Self.

God in you now in peace and love.

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Wake-Up Call-10/7/14 Let’s Boycott Pepsi's Organic and Natural

Wake-Up Call-10/7/14

Let’s Boycott Pepsi's Organic and Natural Brands!

PepsiCo contributed $4.8 million to defeat GMO labeling laws in California and Washington State in the last few years. Now the junk food giant has dumped more than $2 million into campaigns in Oregon and Colorado to defeat citizen-led GMO labeling initiatives on the November ballot.

Pepsi also belongs to the Grocery Manufacturers Association which not only has contributed millions to defeat GMO labeling laws in California, Washington State, Oregon and Colorado, but which is behind a bill in Congress to preempt state GMO labeling laws, and has sued the state of Vermont to overturn a GMO labeling law passed earlier this year.
Now would be a good time to tell the folks at Pepsi and Naked Juice that you're boycotting the Naked Juice brand, and all of Pepsi's other so-called "natural" and organic brands.

Meanwhile, Pepsi is looking for more ways to sell its junk-drink products by recently introducing a low-calorie drink, called Pepsi True.

Here’s what we know is true. Pepsi is willing to spend millions of dollars to defeat GMO labeling laws. How does the company fill up its anti-labeling war chest? With the profits it makes by selling allegedly consumer-friendly products like its new low-calorie Pepsi True, and its line of organic and natural brands, like Naked Juice, Tostitos, Tropicana, Tazo, Loóza, Izze, Sabra, Smartfood, Stacy's, Mother's and Near East.

In 2013, Pepsi was forced to settle a class-action lawsuit for $9 million dollars, for inaccurately labeling its Naked Juice line of products as "natural" and "non-GMO." According to the lawsuit, Naked Juice used soy ingredients that are genetically engineered. Naked Juice doesn't use certified organic or verified non-GMO soy. Naked Juice intentionally used misleading language to give consumers "the false impression that the beverage's vitamin content is due to the nutritious fruits and juices, rather than added synthetic compounds." And Naked Juice contained a laundry list of synthetic chemicals, including a substance synthetically produced from formaldehyde.

In addition to the $9 million dollar settlement, PepsiCo also agreed to remove the label “All Natural” from its juices. While this does represent a landmark victory for consumers, this is no time to rest on our laurels. We clearly can't trust "non-GMO" labels voluntarily supplied by the junk food industry.
We also know that the routine mislabeling and marketing of "natural products" has enabled this shadow sector to grow into a $60-billion dollar a year powerhouse by "duping" unsuspecting organic customers.

How can we trust what the labels on these products say?

We can't. It's time for consumers to boycott all of Pepsi's products, not matter what fancy wording the Junk Food Giant slaps on the products' labels. Besides, the money you spend on Pepsi products is being used by the company to keep you in the dark about what's in your food. They are just plain liars.
And that’s bob’s Wake-Up call for today………………………….

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Wake-Up Call-10/1/14 The GMO

Wake-Up Call-10/1/14

The GMO fight ripples down the food chain. Facing consumer pressure, more firms are jettisoning GMOs from their foods. This information comes from a Wall Street Journal article from August 12th of this year.

Two years ago, Ben & Jerry’s initiated a plan to eliminate genetically modified ingredients from its ice cream, in an effort to address a consumer backlash and to fulfill its own environmental goals.

This fall, nearly a year behind schedule, it expects to finish phase one, affecting its flavorful cookie dough and caramel ice cream. The only part left to convert is the milk that makes ice cream itself. Thanks to the complexities of finding milk deemed free of genetically modified material, that could take 5 to 10 more years. “There’s a lot more that goes into it than people realize,” said Ben & Jerry’s.

Two decades after the first genetically engineered seeds were sold commercially here in the U.S., GMO’s are the norm in the American diet, and are used to make ingredients in about 80% of packaged food, according to industry estimates.

Now an intensifying campaign, spearheaded by consumer and environmental advocacy groups, is causing a small but growing number of mainstream food makers to jettison GMO’s. In addition to Ben & Jerry’s, General Mills this year started selling its original flavor Cheerios without GMOs. Post Cereals took the GMOs out of Grape-Nuts. Smart Balance has converted to non-GMO for its line of margarine and other spreads, and Chipotle Mexican Grill is switching to non-GMO corn tortillas.

“Non-GMO” is one of the fastest-growing label trends on U.S. food packages, with sales of such items growing 28% last year to about $3 billion.

Grass roots campaigns in several states are pushing for mandatory labeling of foods with GMOs—something most food companies staunchly oppose. In May, Vermont adopted the first state law requiring companies to label GMO foods, starting in 2016.

Critics of GMOs say there haven’t been enough independent studies on the long-term health and environmental consequences. They cite a handful of studies outside the U.S. that found toxic effects on animals fed genetically modified crops, and point out that 64 nations, including the European Union countries and China, require labeling of GMO products.

Proponents also point out that GMO crops used in the U.S.—which include alfalfa, cotton, papaya and squash, have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as safe for consumption.

The debate aside, how companies like General Mills and Ben & Jerry’s do in dropping GMOs will offer a guide to others that are considering it. For Ben & Jerry’s, the premium for non-GMO ingredients ranged from 5% to 20%, reflecting how deeply rooted the technology is in the U.S. food chain. Ben & Jerry’s says it plans to eat the costs rather than pass them on to customers.

Certainly, the stakes are high for companies like Monsanto Co. and DuPont Co., which sell genetically engineered seeds. Today, more than 90% of corn, canola, soybean and sugar beet crops in the U.S. are genetically modified. GMO crops are used to produce common ingredients like corn syrup, more than half of the sugar consumed in the U.S., plus the feed consumed by most of the nation’s livestock.

At the farm level, companies confront a chicken-or-egg-type conundrum. Food makers are hesitant to commit to dropping GMOs until they are sure they can find sufficient sources of non-GMO crops.

Farmers are reluctant to switch seeds unless they know there will be guaranteed demand for non-GMO crops at a premium price.

You, the consumer, is making a difference. We need to stay informed and keep the pressure on these companies to provide us with clean healthy food.

And that’s Bob’s Wake-Up Call for today…………………….

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What to do....

Aloha Robin,
I've had a lot of emotion surface recently and I'm having a hard time processing it all and gaining clarity. It's affecting my household to a great extent. I'd love if you might have some insight, clarity of direction for me to consider and may be beneficial in moving forward.

BTW, I really liked the hands on head blessing advice from todays show.

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You need love. Here is

You need love. Here is some!!



Robin Alexis

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How Restaurants Trick You

Wake-Up Call-9/17/14

How menus trick you into spending more. Restaurants know that the right wording and layout can get you to shell out more money for the same entrée. That's because higher priced and unhealthy items are strategically presented to look the most appetizing.

Two recent and separate analyses of restaurant menus came up with strikingly similar conclusions. Restaurants are trying to guide your eye to certain items, even when cheaper or healthier options are flagged. Menu names with descriptive items sell better and lead you to believe that they taste better, according to a new study of 217 menus and selections of over 300 diners by researchers at Cornell University.

The researchers cite a case where the names of restaurant menu items were changed to make them more exotic: The seafood filet, for example, became "succulent Italian seafood filet," and red beans and rice became "Cajun red beans and rice."
Sales of these renamed items with descriptions rose by 28 percent and were rated as tastier, even though the recipes before and after were identical. What's more, diners were also willing to spend an average of 12 percent more for a menu item with a fancy name.

Any food item that attracts attention with bold, highlighted or a colored font, an item that's set apart in its own special box on the menu, or anything listed as a "house favorite," is more likely to be ordered than an item listed next to it, the study found.

The reason consumers should be concerned? "In most cases, these are the least healthy items on the menu," says the study's co-author Brian Wansink, and author of "Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life."

Similar to the way supermarkets put the higher margin foods at eye level, menus place higher priced items where consumers will most likely see them. On a menu, this is often on the top-right or bottom-left.

Menu items are also given exotic descriptions to make them seem worth greater than they actually are, and although images of food on a menu may be too down-market for some restaurants, those tantalizing photos often work.

Surprisingly, restaurants provide low calorie labels on their menus that can actually cause people to choose higher calorie and also more expensive options, according to a study published in the Journal of Consumer Research. Most menus are complex, offering numerous dishes with lots of ingredients, so diners have come to expect low-calorie food to either taste bad or not fill them up.

"By calorie-organizing a menu, restaurants make it easier for people to use the general low-calorie label to dismiss all low-calorie options early in the decision process," the study concluded.

“Restaurants may want to avoid using diet words to reduce consumers' perceptions that the food tastes bad,". "But at the same time they don't want to turn off a segment of consumers most restaurants are targeting -- that is, the health-conscious consumer."

Buyer-beware!!! One of the reasons for these wake-up calls is to make you aware of the lies, tricks and manipulations that we are bombarded with on a daily basis by companies trying to get our money, or more of it!

And that’s Bob’s Wake-Up Call for today………………..

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Today is Mystic Radio Live and Sunday is International Peace Day

Let's all join together for World Peace by finding and experiencing peace within ourselves this Sunday!


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Robin--Will miss the show today :(

Hi Robin,

I really wanted to call in this week, but I have a work meeting. I guess it wasn't meant to be! Anyway, I wanted to share that I have noticed within myself a deep sense of peace. In fact I just told my husband that I was feeling unusually peaceful and that I liked it! It's contentment and peace...it's so great!

Perhaps this is my opportunity to give back...on National Peace day.

Have a great show! Peace and Love,


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How to listen to and call into Mystic Radio with Robin Alexis

Mystic Radio® with Robin Alexis LIVE from Mt. Shasta airs in Seattle

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“Mystic Radio® with Robin Alexis” is a LIVE from Mount Shasta weekly metaphysical call-in program co-hosted by Robin and her husband Bob that airs on KKNW in Seattle WA. Since 2006 Robin & Bob have welcomed listeners & callers from all over the world. In their practical mysticism approach they will serve you with any kind of metaphysical question or concern. Call in for your on air readings with Robin. Bob’s Wake Up Calls will inform you about outrageous consumer & political issues you need to be aware of. Engaging & informative Robin & Bob help you manage your life making life choices from a place of partnership between your intellect and your intuition.

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In preparation for Common Passion’s Imagine Global Concordance

In preparation for Common Passion’s Imagine Global Concordance, which coincides with the International Day of Peace and the Equinox on September 21st 2014, below are various renditions of John Lennon's evocative Imagine song.

In four days millions of people around the world will be celebrating peaceful, harmonious connection and shared intentions for peace. Let's imagine what the world can be, and then let's manifest it!

On the 21st our Global Concordance-Global Meditation will revolve around John Lennon’s Imagine song:


…and here are other versions you may enjoy (please excuse the ads; YouTube adds these, and they do not represent endorsements by Common Passion):

Jack Johnson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9ZXiw1lbhU

Herbie Hancock, Pink, Seal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVAQl7qq-aI

Elton John: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wy2VmfgEaag

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UFO topics more main stream

“At Least 4 Known Alien Species
Have Been Visiting Earth
For Thousands Of Years”
X Canadian Defence Minister
Continues To Blow The Whistle

January 6, 2014
by Arjun Walia
Video – click and scroll: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2014/01/06/at-least-4-known-alien-sp...

I am well aware that just because somebody (no matter what their ‘position’) says something to be true, does not mean it’s true. Exceptions, however can be made if there is evidence that goes beyond their words and correlates with what they say. At the end of the day, you have to listen to what your heart tells you.

Paul Hellyer was the Canadian Minister of National Defense in the 1960′s during the cold war. He wasCanada. The Honorable Paul Hellyer is the highest ranking person among all g8 countries to o responsible for combining the Canadian Air Force, Navy and Army into what is known today as the Canadian Forces. He was the highest ranking person (on paper) inside of the Department of Defence for penly speak about UFOs and extraterrestrials.

He has been speaking about UFOs and extraterrestrials for quite some time now, and he recently made an appearance on RT news stating that there are at least 4 known alien species that have been visiting Earth for thousands of years.

Upon retirement, Hellyer began to blow the whistle on UFOs and extraterrestrials. His testimony is backed up by hundreds of other high ranking military and political personnel all over the world, including official documents released by dozens of governments worldwide that have officially acknowledged the presence of UFOs.

I think it’s also important to point out that the Canadian government recently acknowledged the fact that various federal agencies, including Transport Canada, the RCMP and the Department of National Defence used to track and investigate UFO sightings. (1) They claim to have stopped those programs, but that contradicts the defence minister’s (Hellyer) claims. There is good reason to believe, and a lot of evidence to suggest that some of these UFOs are indeed extraterrestrial space craft (not all military), and the activities of the agencies responsible for these programs goes far beyond just tracking of UFOs, but into contact with various extraterrestrial races, other classified technological developments and more.

Here is some of what Paul Hellyer has to say, for more you can watch the video clip below:

” In one of the cases during the cold war, 1961, there were about 50 UFOs in formation flying South from Russia across Europe. The supreme allied commander was very concerned and was about ready to press the panic button when they turned around and went back over the North Pole. They decided to do an investigation and they investigated for three years and they decided that with absolute certainty that four different species, at least, have been visiting this planet for thousands of years. There’s been a lot more activity in the past two decades, especially since we invented the atomic bomb. They are very concerned about that and if we will use it again, because the whole cosmos is a unity and it affects not just us but other people in the cosmos. They’re very much afraid that we might start using atomic weapons again and this would be very bad for us, and them also.” – Paul Hellyer

“Many are benign and benevolent, and a few are not. They come from various places, for a long while I only knew about ones that came from different star systems, the Pleadies. There are extraterrestrials that come from Andromeda, and ones that live on one of Saturn’s moon’s. There is a federation of these people, and they have rules, one of them is that they don’t interfere with our affairs unless they are invited. They have accepted the fact that this is our planet, and we have the right to run it but they are very concerned, they don’t think that we are good stewards of our planet. We are ruining our planet, we’re doing all sorts of things that we shouldn’t be doing, and they don’t like that. They’ve made it clear, and they have given us a warning.” – Paul Hellyer

“Decades ago, visitors from other planets warned us about the direction we were heading and offered to help. Instead, some of us interpreted their visits as a threat, and decided to shoot first and ask questions after. It is ironic that the US should be fighting monstrously expensive wars, allegedly to bring democracy to those countries, when it itself can no longer claim to be called a democracy when trillions, and I mean thousands of billions of dollars have been spent on black projects which both congress and the commander in chief have been kept deliberately in the dark.” – Paul Hellyer


(1) http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/canadian-government-no-longer-...

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I feel the UFO energy here/ heard Ships last night, too

Boy, felt a lot of confirms for this, in the form of energy down my back and seat and legs.

The portions about what was reported to occur in 1961 really resonate for me - I am a Canadian who was born in 1961, and also have a key past life in Halifax.
Amazingly, even know the specific street address where we lived in the 1800s and was able to Earth Google it!
Hope to make a past life pilgrimage there next summer - will be only a 12 hour drive when in Quebec.
Not normally that close...will ask Spirit to assist if it's for my highest good to go there. :-)

I heard ships again last night, which is new for me.
Only the 3rd or 4th time.
Muscle-testing confirmed "Ashtar Command".
It was comforting to know they watch over my master suite, now that we're friends, unlike our first encounter when Ashtar landed too heavily on me a year ago August, and paralyzed me.
That dude is incredibly heavy! It's amusing now, it was NOT funny when I couldn't breathe.

Poor Midnight later verified it all to Darcy, and told her he was so scared by 'the fire'.
(He was seeing what looked like fire to him at the base of the ships.)

Life's a trip, isn't it? This group clearly doesn't need much TV! Our LIVES are much more interesting. :-)

Love you all - Wendy

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The Pope on UFOs

Vatican Preparing Statement on Extraterrestrial Life

by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

Source: stage3alpha


Pope Francis is reportedly preparing a major world statement about extraterrestrial life and its theological implications. Rosana Ubanell from Voxxi News today reported that due to advances in scientific detection methods for the discovery of extraterrestrial life, Pope Francis wants to be ready with a statement about “First Contact”. Ubanell reports that details have yet to be officially announced but that the Vatican’s interest in extraterrestrial life is well documented through recent astrobiology conferences the Vatican Observatory has sponsored or participated in. Father Guy Consolmagno, a Jesuit astronomer and one of the leading Catholic proponents for preparing for the scientific discovery of extraterrestrial life, on July 18, won the Carl Sagan science medal from the American Astronomical Society. Pope Francis, a fellow Jesuit, regularly consults with Consolmagno and other leading Vatican astronomers about scientific issues. It is likely that Pope Francis is preparing an “Urbi et Orbi” speech – Latin for “to the city [of Rome] and the world” – about First Contact with extraterrestrial life.

The Vatican’s scientific interest in extraterrestrial life was publicly revealed for the first time in May 2008 when the head of the Vatican Observatory, Fr Gabriel Funes, also a Jesuit, gave an interview to the Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano. Funes made a series of startling statements about how extraterrestrial life is likely to be more ethically evolved than humans, and can be welcomed as brothers. In his interview, which was titled “The extraterrestrial is my brother,” Funes said that intelligent extraterrestrial life may not have experienced a ‘fall’, and may be “free from Original Sin ... [remaining] in full friendship with their creator.” This makes it possible to regard them as ‘our brothers’ as Funes explained:

Just as there is a multiplicity of creatures on earth, there can be other beings, even intelligent, created by God. This is not in contrast with our faith because we can’t put limits on God’s creative freedom... “Why can’t we speak of a ‘brother extraterrestrial’? It would still be part of creation...

Most importantly, Funes’ statement makes possible the idea that Christianity can be exported to extraterrestrial worlds that have not experienced a ‘fall’ and are free from original sin.

Just over a year after his interview, Funes was the organizer of the first ever Astrobiology Symposium held by Pontifical Academy of Sciences in November 2009. Consolmagno and Funes have ever since played leading roles for the Vatican Observatory in presenting a theological perspective on the discovery of extraterrestrial life. Most importantly, both have been leading advisors to Pope Francis about scientific issues concerning the discovery of extraterrestrial life.

What is likely to be the content of Pope Francis’ upcoming statement or possible “Urbi et Orbi” speech about alien life? An important clue is a forthcoming presentation by Fr. Consolmagno at a September 18-19, 2014, astrobiology symposium organized by NASA and the Library of Congress that is titled: “Preparing for Discovery: A Rational Approach to the Implications of Finding Microbial, Complex or Intelligent Life Beyond Earth.”

Consolmagno is a featured presenter and will discuss the theological implications of discovering alien life. His topic, “Would You Baptize an Extraterrestrial?” suggests that Pope Francis agrees that extraterrestrials are capable of the higher ethics involved in understanding the Christian message and becoming Christians.

If Pope Francis is indeed preparing a statement about extraterrestrial life, it is likely to emphasize that there is no incompatibility in Christian teachings with a belief in extraterrestrial life as Fr. Funes proposed in May 2008. More importantly, Pope Francis is likely to emphasize themes of extraterrestrials: not sharing in original sin; being more ethically evolved; and being capable of sharing the Christian message, and being our brothers.

Not all will welcome a statement from Pope Francis advocating extraterrestrials as brothers and worthy of being baptized into the Christian faith. According to Chris Putnam and Tom Horn, authors of Exovaticana, Pope Francis I is preparing to lead the Catholic Church to embrace aliens as “brothers in Christ” – reflective of the 1950s and 1960s contactee reports of benevolent “space brothers.” Putnam’s and Horn’s Exovaticana portends a future religious war between those accepting extraterrestrials as “brothers in Christ” and those believing them to be returning demons about to enslave us. Despite the extensive scholarship found in Exovaticana, it unfortunately skews data towards an overly negative assessment of the motivations of extraterrestrial visitors. Thankfully, the Vatican’s evolving public position, as reflected by statements from its leading astronomers, shows a far more enlightened stance on how to consider the discovery of alien life from a theological perspective. A statement or “Urbi et Orbi” speech from Pope Francis expounding on various themes associated with the view that extraterrestrials are potential “brothers in Christ’ is a welcome position to take on a controversial issue with major world significance.

© Copyright 2014. Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

Another article quoting Pope Francis re extraterrestrial life

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Original Sin

I will trust Spirit has this one, and not let a message of brotherhood and tolerance turn into another divisive debate about "original sin"?
That feels like a red herring here, that twists this all about.

Oh my! Such ego (first typed

Oh my! Such ego (first typed suck-my bad). Just had a quick picture of The Brotherhood, Ashtar and his Command, Adama and all standing in front of the religious leaders and saying to those religious leaders, "You want us to do what?".

Things are so funny to me today. Next thing you know there will be a quarrel over who saw "them" first. Eee gads. Transmute I tell you! Transmute!!


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Wake-Up Call-9/10/14 Trees

Wake-Up Call-9/10/14

Trees Actually Lower Your Risk of Dying

Outdoor air pollution is a serious environmental health risk linked to both chronic and acute health conditions, including stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, asthma, and respiratory infections.

According to the World Health Organization outdoor air pollution in both cities and rural areas caused an estimated 3.7 million premature deaths worldwide in 2012, the majority of which were due to heart disease and strokes.

The World Health Organization also noted: “Most sources of outdoor air pollution are well beyond the control of individuals and demand action by cities, as well as national and international policymakers in sectors like transportation, energy waste management, and agriculture.”

This is largely true, but there is one environmental change that could have a dramatic influence on air pollution, and its effects on human health, and that is planting more trees, especially in urban areas.

A new study actually quantified the benefits to human health from trees’ impacts on outdoor air pollution, and they were quite remarkable.

Trees Save 850 Lives and Billions in Health Costs Each Year

In the first broad-scale estimate of air pollution removal by trees in the United States, researchers found that trees and forests in the United States removed 17.4 million tons of air pollution in 2010, with human health effects valued at $6.8 billion. Its effects on human health were significant, especially in urban areas. The health impacts included the avoidance of more than: 850 deaths; 670,000 cases of acute respiratory symptoms; 430,000 incidences of asthma exacerbation; and 200,000 school days lost.

As you might suspect, most of the pollution removal occurred in rural areas, where tree cover can be as high as 88 percent, but most of the health impacts were within urban areas, where air pollution tends to be worse and population levels are higher.

Trees remove air pollution primarily by the uptake of pollutants via the pores on the outer “skin” layers of their leaves.

“Trees affect air quality through the direct removal of air pollutants.
Adding trees to urban areas was deemed to be particularly important, given the trees’ close proximity to people. The researchers added:

“…96 percent of pollution removal from trees occurred on rural land. However, as human populations are concentrated in urban areas, the health effects and values derived from pollution removal are concentrated in urban areas. Thus in terms of impacts on human health, trees in urban areas are substantially more important than rural trees due to their proximity to people. The greatest monetary savings are derived in areas with the greatest population density.”

So the moral of the story is, PLANT MORE TREES, ESPICALLY IN BIG CITIES.

The information for the Wake-Up Call was obtained from an article written by Dr. Mercola titled, “Trees Actually Lower Your Risk of Dying”

And that’s Bob’s Wake-Up Call for today……………………….

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Mystic Radio® with Robin

Mystic Radio® with Robin Alexis LIVE from Mt. Shasta airs in Seattle

CALL 1-888-298-5569 @ 12:00 Noon Pacific WED or listen locally on line @ http://1150kknw.com/listen

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Wake-Up Call-9/3/14---Glyphosate [glahy-fos-eyt]

Research scientist Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT raised plenty of eyebrows recently with a bold proclamation on autism at a special panel in Massachusetts about Genetically Modified Organisms or GMO’s.

She’s a widely published author on topics ranging from Azlheimer’s Disease to autism to cardiovascular disease.

She said, “At today’s rate, by 2025, one in two children will be autistic,” at an event sponsored by the holistic-focused Groton Wellness Organization.
Dr. Seneff presented slides showing a remarkably consistent correlation between the rising use of Roundup, with its active ingredient glyphosate, [glahy-fos-eyt] on crops, and the rising rates of autism.
The slides note that the heaviest use of Roundup, Monsanto’s flagship weed killer, began in 1990 and continued to rise ever since. Meanwhile, the number of kids with autism has gone from 1 in 5,000 in 1975 to 1 in 68 today, a puzzling and frustrating stat that shows no signs of slowing down, and one that correlates strongly with the rise in glyphosate [glahy-fos-eyt] use.

Of course, autism is a complex problem with many potential causes, but the numbers are particularly of note, considering how close the correlation is, and what Dr. Seneff’s credentials are.

Dr. Seneff has written 10 papers in various medical and health journals on modern diseases as well as drug side effects, nutritional deficiencies and the impacts of environmental toxins on our health.

Once she had completed her presentation, all of the 70 or so people in attendance were squirming, likely because they now had serious misgivings about serving their kids, or themselves, anything with corn or soy, which are nearly all Genetically Modified, and thus tainted with Roundup and its glyphosate [glahy-fos-eyt]. These GMO crops are bred to resist damage from Roundup, which destroys the weeds around them.

If glyphosate [glahy-fos-eyt] is as harmful as Dr. Seneff’s correlations suggest, then its poisonous effects extend nearly everywhere--to all soft drinks and candies sweetened with corn syrup, and all chips and cereals filled with soy, not to mention cattle and chicken that are fed soy. But it isn't just corn and soy, it’s wheat as well, since wheat is nearly all sprayed with Roundup just prior to being harvested, according to Dr. Seneff….which means all non-organic bread is tainted.

“At today’s rate, by 2025, one in two children will be autistic,” Dr. Seneff said. Presumably, if Roundup and glyphosate [glahy-fos-eyt] accelerate their spread in the U.S. and around the world, the predicted one-in-two autism cases could happen even sooner.

Among Dr. Seneff’s key points are:

1. Glyphosate [glahy-fos-eyt] sickens by killing beneficial gut bacteria and stimulating the loss of key minerals like cobalt, iron, and manganese.

2. Glyphosate [glahy-fos-eyt] is present in unusually high quantities in the breast milk of American mothers, to the tune of 760 to 1,600 times the allowable limits in European drinking water.

3. Urine testing shows Americans have ten times the glyphosate [glahy-fos-eyt] accumulation as Europeans.

4. Children with autism have biomarkers indicative of excessive glyphosate [glahy-fos-eyt].

5. The same correlations between glyphosate [glahy-fos-eyt] and autism show up in deaths from senility.

The problem here is that the products most heavily treated with Monsanto’s Roundup—corn, soy, and wheat—are pervasive within our food chain. MIT’s Dr. Seneff said, “In my view, the situation is almost beyond repair”. We need to do something drastic or we risk the demise of the human race and a mass extinction unparalleled by previous events.”

If this is not a wake-up call, I don’t know what is……….And that’s the
Wake-Up call for today………….

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Link autism-senility?

This wake up call is so immense it's hard to comprehend.
I need more action steps, but there may be none for now but 'eat organic' and fight GMOs.

Robin, we'll get some answers in my next private session.
Perhaps a thread to pull between Uncle Jack's sudden dementia and his granddaughter Liz's autism?

I learned after Mystic today his balance has been failing (age 82) but otherwise fairly active.
No gardening/lawn care-highly allergic to bee stings beyond level of Epipen (?) prophalyxis.

He has been falling more frequently, and took a hard fall last week inside the house and hit his head.
His wife couldn't get him up and called 911.
He was so disoriented he was taken to a facility.

There is some discussion of returning him home with nursing care support.
His only request is to go home, and finances support it but wife may not.

I have a niece and nephew with autism, too, so that's 3 in my family.
Two early 20s, one 16.
The stress on these families is never-ending.

Look forward to helping any way I can via a session!

Many thanks, Robin & Bob.


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You are definitely on to

You are definitely on to something here Wendy. I look forward to your next 1 on 1 phone session.

Robin Alexis

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Tim and I could use an energy

Tim and I could use an energy balance. I've been feeling depressed. I have tried everything I could think of to bring myself up.
Thank you so much for helping us!

Love Love Love